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  • 15 Desire Every Woman Want From Her Man,That She Will Not Tell Him

    15 Desires Every Woman Wants From Her Man, That She Will Not Tell Him 1.”Good morning beautiful” And “Good night baby” texts.. 2. Pictures taken together.. 3. Surprises (Visiting and bringing her favourite food ). 4. Taking her to meet his family and friends.. 5. His sweaters or jackets with his scent all over it.. […]

  • 13 Ways To Keep The Woman You Are Dating

    13 WAYS TO KEEP THE WOMAN YOU ARE DATING 1- Respect her parents. most ladies don’t play when it comes to their parents. 2- Do not be lousy. Ladies don’t like men who are talkative. 3- Do not be stingy. Ladies hate stingy men, but you must also know how to manage the money 4- […]