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Nigeria Immigration Service Salary: Ranks, Symbols [Updated]

Nigeria immigration service Salary structure: Do you want to know how much Nigerian immigrants earn as salary in a month or annual? If yes keep reading.

It’s common for Nigerian citizens who wish to Join Nigeria immigration to ask about Nigeria Immigration’s salary, so be sure of what he/she will earn if he/she is been recruited into the immigration service.

Many people ask about Nigeria’s immigration service salary structure mainly asking about the salary of newly recruited immigration officers.

Nigeria’s immigration service salary can be compared to Nigeria’s Police salary and Nigeria’s army. Before going to salary structure let’s look at Nigeria’s immigration ranks.

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Nigeria Immigration Service Ranks

Below are Nigeria’s immigration service ranks. This is a list from high rank to low rank.

•Comptroller General Immigration Service (CGIS)

•Assistant Comptrollers General (ACGI)

•Assistant Comptrollers (AC)

•Superintendent of Immigration

•Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI)

•Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)

•Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)

•Immigration Assistant (IA)

•Passport Officers.

SSCE Rank in Nigeria Immigration Service

The New Recruit officers into Nigeria immigration service with SSCE Certificate start from Passport officers.

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NCE / ND Rank In Nigeria Immigration Service

The Recruit Officer into Nigeria immigration service with National Diploma/National Certificate of Education( ND/NCE ) starts from Immigration Assistant (IA).

HND Rank In Nigeria Immigration Service

The newly recruited officer with a Higher National Diploma ( HND ) starts with a Rank of Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII).

Bsc Rank in Nigeria Immigration service

The newly Recruited officer with Degree will start with a Rank of Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII).

Nigeria Immigration Service Salary Structure

Level Rank Salary
003 Passport Officers. N31,187
004 Immigration Assistant (IA) N34,295
005 Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII) N47,255
006 Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII) N82,249
007 Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI) N88,034
008 Superintendent of Immigration N95,294
009 Assistant Comptrollers (AC) N104,336
010 Assistant Comptrollers (ACI) 110,436.
011 Comptroller Immigration Service (CIS) N163,856
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Nigeria’s immigration service salary will be time to time increase and this article will also time to time be updated.

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