15 Interesting Computer Science Project Topics (Php & Java Projects)

15 Interesting Computer Science Project Topics (Php & Java Projects)

This project enables the swift and safe transfer of funds via electronic devices. In this system, the user is required to enter the account number of the recipient in order to make a fund transfer. This system offers security to in-fund transfers by employing a DES algorithm which is used alongside instant verification and consistency algorithm. To make a transfer, a user needs to go to any ETF center where the transfer would be made using a single portable card. Once the user’s card is scanned, an SMS containing a unique OTP is received on the user’s phone. The OTP received is entered to increase the level of security before entering the account details. The data is encrypted by DES before it is sent over to the network thus, ensuring the security of the transaction.

• Ensures that electronic fund transfers are secure.
• The system is cost effective.
• It has a safe communication technique.
• The DES technology is almost impossible to crack or hack.

This system is built using an artificial algorithm that is able to analyze user’s questions while understanding a user’s message. In more simple terms, the system is a web application that provides answers to the questions students ask. The system is able to answer these questions with the aid of artificial intelligence. The system sends a reply using a graphical user interface that makes it appear like the response is coming from a real person.

• It saves time.
• The system ensures students are updated with changes in their colleges.
• Students do not have to go to the college office to make enquiries.

• This system requires active internet connection.

This is a management system that helps both doctors and patients book appointments at their convenience. This is possible by ensuring the system enables doctors to manage the appointment slots effectively by making empty slots visible to patents. The medical history of patients here are entered into the database such that, anytime a particular patient logs in the system, his medical history can be accessed by the patient. This makes automated patient/doctor handling system through online interface possible. Added to this system is an organ donor option which is designed to help patients in need of urgent organ transplants to find suitable donors via a simple search.

• This system allows patients get organ donors easily.
• Patients have access to their medical history.
• The system is time efficient.
• There is no need for patients to wait on a queue.

• Requires active internet connection.
• It requires a large database.

This system is used to rate products based on hidden sentiments in the comments. This is achieved by using sentiment analysis methodology. This application allows the registered user to view the products, their features and an option of commenting about the product. These comments are then analyzed, and products get rated based on the overall sentiment present in the comments.

• The system allows users to share their opinion about a product.
• This application allows people to be able to decide easily if a product posted is good or bad.
• It is useful for users that like to give review on products.

• The system matches the comments only with the keywords that are in the database while ignoring other words.

This application uses an algorithm to track and manage customer reviews through mining topics and sentiment orientation from online customer reviews. A user views and purchases items. Afterwards, a review is given by that customer which the system mines and matches with the keywords on its database. By comparison, the system then rates the products and services provided by the enterprise.

• Enables E-commerce websites understand the quality of goods and services they offer.
• Useful to people who purchase goods online.
• Since the feedback is ranked based on the weight age of the keywords in the database, the results are correct.

• The system matches the review with keywords that are in the database and disregards other words.

This application is used to rate particular restaurants by detecting any hidden sentiments in the reviews of its customers by comparing the comments to reviews with keywords from the system’s database. This is achieved by using opinion-mining methodology. This application also helps people find out good restaurants with tasty meals within their location. In this system, the admin has the authority to post new restaurants and add keywords.

• Enables people decide which restaurants have great meals.
• Customers can share their opinions about a restaurant.

• System only matches comments with keywords that are in the database. All other words are ignored.

This is an end user support and online consultation project. This system provides a channel for users to get assistance or guidance on their health issues through an online based artificial intelligence health care system. The system uses intelligent data mining techniques to guess the most accurate illness based on patient’s symptoms. It consists of a doctor address, contacts along with feedback and an administrator dashboard for system operators.

• Users have easy access to doctors.

• The system is not fully automated therefore, it needs doctors to make diagnosis.

This system enables its users make the best decisions when considering buying or selling a property. The system contains property details like; address, space measurement, number of BHKs, floor property seller’s name, property seller’s number and email address.

• It saves the time and cost incurred while searching for a property.

• If server fails, system may not work.

This is a web application where a user is allowed to post his views relating to certain subjects which other users are able to view and make comments on. The comments of the users are reviewed and used to determine if the opinion is good or bad. This application can also function as an advertiser, making people to be aware of the topic posted.

• Users can share their views on different topics easily.
• People can easily tell if an opinion is good or bad.

This project is useful in elections. It lets voters know the background information of candidates in order to enable them to make the right voting choice. The system would have; candidate registration, document verification, auto-generated user ID and a pass for candidates and voters to access the system. The admin login is handled by an electoral commission while the candidate login is handled by candidates.

• Elections are conducted in a fast and easy way.
• Voters can view the background of each candidate.
• Results are out after 2hrs of election.

• System may be hacked.
• Not all voters have access to a computer or the internet.

This system helps in keeping track of the credit scores and dues of particular persons. In this system, a defaulter can view his status and apply for an improvement by good behavior. This system has 3 modules; admin login, Cibil associate login and individual login. Here, Cibil associates are banks, industries or companies who want to report faculty members.

• Individuals can view their credit ratings from the comfort of their homes.
• Saves organization resources and efforts.
• Automates the process of credit score calculation.

• There is no room for human interaction.
• The system requires internet connection.

This is a system that allows its users shop for phones online based on recommendations. It provides its users with a beautiful and easy GUI. The system recommends gadgets based on initial choices made by the user.

• The website is flexible and easy to operate.
• The suggestions provided to users are appropriate.
• Users can view products and shop for them from the comfort of their homes.
• The delivery system is trusted.

• The system may experience fraud and security problems.

This system is designed for bank use, where users are allowed to ask bank related questions such as; questions concerning loan, account and bank policy. This project is based on artificial algorithms that are used to analyze user’s query and understand user’s message. The system makes use of a graphical representation system to provide answers to the user.

This is a web project that help farmers make greater profits by allowing direct communication between farmer-to-supplier and farmer-to-farmer. This service gives a boost to business communication and brings transparency to the system. The system allows farmers login and communicate with different dealers to enable them to pick a supplier who is more pocket friendly.

• Farmers have direct access to suppliers.
• Farmers get notified when new offers are available.

• The system requires a large database.
• Verification of users cannot be done online. To be verified a user has to physically visit the office.

This project is designed to maintain software piracy protection and ensures that only authorized persons have access to the system. The features of this application include; online registration, payment for buying software, download, PC Id reader, product Id generation, key generation, data matching and authentication.

• Locks and protects the system against hackers.
• It is highly robust and secure.

• The process may take a long time since the admin needs to approve the user by matching all available details.

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