American Art

This course is about American art and all the human aspects that revolve around it. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is a true expression. America’s art was presented in a documentary that is phenomenal in the world today. Its main aim was in delivering clear experiences of life as captured by a camera. The main photos that constitute American culture were taken by photographers during special events such as celebrations.

The photos cover all event types and scenes captured from official celebrations and other occurrences. American life is displayed in the documentary which shows progress as the years grow. The message in the documentary is about the progress experienced by the people of America. The sequences in which the photos are arranged give an interpretation of a life story of the photographer. This history commenced with the invention of the film by a Nicephore Niepce. Initial production of the documentary focused on a scientific view than an artistic view that it was intended to portray.

The documentary gave accounts of events that were beyond the imagination of the users of the works of arts. Some of the events that had been covered in the documentaries include the American Civil War. The photographs were presented by renowned photographers in the year 1839. The documentary about the 20th century photography presented the revolution in amateur photography. This is after Kodak presented the first amateur camera. The photo documentary inspired the photo realism genre that resembles film making. This created a platform for artists like Charles Sheeler who made photos resemble paintings. The Photorealism remains a renowned genre even in the present world of art.

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