Analysis Of Cash Deposits Pattern In Commercial Banks

Analysis Of Cash Deposits Pattern In Commercial Banks


The success or failure and effectiveness or ineffectiveness of any banking or financialsector depends on extent of customer’s patronage and the financial resources available to form and procure the required service oriented facilities. In Nigeria, there are lots of problems associated with banking. The problems include in adequate financial capacity, that is weak capital base, lack of sound technical planning, bad implementation of formulated policies linking the banking operations, inadequate supervision and monitoring of economic changes and large scale financial embezzlement. Due to these problems, many financial firms are distressed and subsequently are closed up. The study therefore examined the cash deposits pattern of commercial banks for the past 10 years with fidelity bank Plc, Owerri as a case study. Data used for this technical research were obtained from secondary source these data were out-puts of cash deposits of customers patronizing fidelity bank plc Owerri from 1998-2007. The data was systematically analyzed using time series models. The study found that there is an annual decrease in the rate of cash deposit patterns in fidelity bank plc Owerri as a study unit of commercial banks. Finally, the study suggested some solutions and also made some fine and worthy recommendations.

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