Book Review of the Hot Zone by Richard Preston

Book Review of the Hot Zone by Richard Preston

The book entitled The Hot Zone by Richard Preston was published in the year 1995 by Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. The Hot Zone is a very interesting book based on a real life event that happened in the late 1980’s. The story assimilated in the book has no particular setting; the story is set across the world including U.S., Africa, and Europe. The most profound spot in the book is Reston, Virginia. Ultimately, the story talks of an outbreak of a deadly disease called Ebola within the environs of Reston. By reflecting on the major events and the consequences that followed, this paper seeks to establish the major arguments presented in the book, important points, significant conclusions and finally my perception and interpretations of these events.

Ebola is a deadly disease that is postulated to kill victims hastily and ferociously that even the physicians and biohazard specialists are frightened. Ebola is a deadly airborne disease that is overly contagious. During the winter of 1989; it killed and infected many people within the suburbs of Washington D.C. The Hot Zone narrates the dramatic events caused by the outbreak of Ebola in depth; it offers a profound insight about the existence of a lethal and infrequent virus and its undesirable effects to the human race.

The book narrates how the lethal disease from the African rain forest finds its way to the suburbs of Washington D.C (Preston, 426). The cure to the disease is not found, within some few days, 90 percent of those infected are reported dead. Following this unusual happenings, a secretive military unit of soldiers and biohazard experts are summoned to stop the outbreak of the exotic “hot” virus that had already killed many people.

Richard Preston the author of the book combines many stories about the deadly disease in order to reach the climax in the book, this is the point when Ebola from a monkey breaks out, and stories in line with this include the glamorous tales of the previous victims who assimilated the virus died horrible and lethal deaths. The characters are actual people, only that they are given different names making the story assimilated in the book factual and authentic to the reader.

This book is interesting and educative, the author not only present factual evidence that offers deep insight concerning the deadly virus disease but also combines the stories in a way that a reader feels like he or she is part or rather inside the story. Despite Ebola disease being acknowledged The Hot Zone mobilizes the reader to research more about the disease and discern the real threats of this disease if it is yet to come up soon.

Based on my own perception and thoughts concerning the book, I think the book is interesting though it is too scientific for an ordinary person with no science background to comprehend. This book is recommendable for those who are interested in science particularly the medicine field.

To conclude, It is apparent from the main arguments and important conclusions presented in the book that the author of this book had the intention of depicting the existence of Ebola and its lethal effects to humanity, additionally, it is important to note that the events incorporated in this book sounds more like a cautionary note to biohazard experts to always prepare for the worse.

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