Causes And Effect Of Mismanagement In Financial Institution

Causes And Effect Of Mismanagement In Financial Institution


The aim of this study is to appraise the causes and effect of mismanagement in financial Institution.

To accomplish the above objectives to enable adequate management in financial Institution to achieved their basic aim in Financial Institution, Management have pose many problems such as having loss of trust by their customers in as much as not investigating on them anymore.

Unable to abide by relevant laws especially before the financial ordinance.

This research study has critically examined the Impact of mismanagement in our financial institutions.  

Therefore the findings are as follows;

Lack of public awareness roles of accountant such as school of accountant like law school.

Such as facilities as text books for fraises and computers for practicing accounting.

Such  as poor turnover in their fear etc.


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1.0      Introduction the study

1.2   Statement of Production

1.3      Purpose f study

1.4      Definition of terms


2.0      Literature Review

2.1   Causes of Financial Mismanagement in financial Institutions

2.2   Unqualified Accounting Staff handling Account Book As a Manager

2.2.1 Inflation of contracts

2.2.2 Perfect fraud in Financial Institutions Bank.

2.2.3 god-fatherism

2.2.4 Poor Loan Recovery Machinery

2.2.5 Incompetent officer and Managers

2.3   The effect of  Financial Mismanagement in Financial Institution.

2.4   Effect in Financial Institutions

2.5  Effect in the Economy/Structure of the Economy.

2.6  Effect to the Staff

2.7  Effect to individual and Groups of Peoples.


3.0   Summary of Findings, Conclusion, and Recommendations.

3.1   Discussion of findings

3.2   Conclusion

3.3   Recommendations





A Financial Institution is an organised body concerned with the management of money.  This is to say Institution is responsible for the lending and borrowing money. Institution involved financial intermidaition where money is mobilized and channeled for the public sailing those who have surplus funds and save those who want to invest in productive activities. Some of institution in Nigeria are Commercial Bank, C.B.N, Insurance companies, stock Exchange Market, Development Bank, Merchant Bank etc.

Mismanagement can be defined as a controlled or deal with private, public or Business affairs badly, unskilfully. Then financial mismanagement according to above definition may be improper administration, bad or wrongly used of money, Inadequate collateral security of granting loan. Misappropriation of money or management of finance unskilfully, they are god in selling of securities, they are sources of Revenue the Government. They provides not to advice to the government, they help to Extremely in International trade etc. Public and private individual, bank provides drastic support to public individuals affairs. Bank grant loans in advances and makes payment locally in fact, they perform variety functions to satisfy financial needs of all types of customers they have from small personal and big incorporates public organisation ie by accepting deposit safe custody agency services. Industries have  grown beyond optimistic expectation over years the number of bank increased and growth resulted ton loss professionalism in service, to increase fraud craze for materials to wealth inflating contracts, god-fatherism, poor portfolio management and other bank.

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