Change in Education System

Change in Education System

Arguably, education is one of the important aspects of every society. As a matter of fact, the world today depends on the education system to develop skills and expertise in various fields. Education affects almost every aspect of society, which include social, economic, as well as political. In fact, education is one of the components that are used to measure the development and growth of a country. Based on the current state of education and the education system in this country, it is evident that it requires tremendous improvement and changes. Every country in the world is trying to bring changes in public education through reformation. Some of the main reasons for the reformation of public education are for cultural and economic. The reformation is focused at streamlining students towards a global economic and cultural state. The problems with the current education system it does not nature the creativity of students. The high-tech economies require well equipped graduates who can fit into the high-tech economies of the world. The education system is not in a position to meet the current problems both economical and culturally.

The education system therefore requires changes so as to meet the current demands of the country. One of the ways of improving the education system to meet the current demands is by redesigning the school system. This action will ensue that students are helped to achieve their success. It is worth noting that the current education system of diplomas and grade level is not flexible for the current environment. This is because the system puts up many limits that will hinder success. The system of education currently in place, group students in terms of grade level and age; this should not be the issue, the education system should be redesigned to focus grouping students in terms of skills and knowledge. Perhaps, this will upgrade the morale of students towards creativity. It is essential to develop an education system that rewards the hard work and talent of students.

In order to accomplish this action, there are various stakeholders who are responsible. The main stakeholder is the government, since it is the chief financier in the entire change of system. The parents and teachers should also be part of the changes. The students need to be aware of the changes because it will entail a lot of changes in time frame, schedule, and content of study. This course of action will automatically face various obstacles which include financial, understanding, as well as rigidity to change.

Another action will entail the change of curriculum and methods of assessment. Students in most cases are getting used to standardization of tests, which has changed them to work like machines. The curriculum should be changed to include other social activities that will make students nature their talents. These activities include sports, art and design, and other practical aspects of life. The high-tech economy requires skills and knowledge that is able to solve the problems facing the country. The tests should not be the only measure of success. In that, a lot of variables should be included in the assessment of students. The current curriculum focuses on ranking students based on exams only. One of the main barriers towards this action is the technological advancement. Students find no reason to social in sports and other talent related activities yet one can go to internet and enjoy everything at the click of a computer. The implementation of technology need to set in place technologies in schools that are aimed at making students fit the environment.

Education system should be dynamic in nature. In the current education system it is difficult to meet economic, spiritual, social, as well as environmental challenges. These can only be met through innovation, and creativity. The education system should be dynamic since the demands of the country keeps on changing. The education system has been caught up by economic and cultural revolution; hence, reforming it is not the ultimate action. Another action that is needed is to undertake a revolution in the education culture. The main aim of education is tom develop human beings, which is a dynamic process. The revolution in the culture of education is achieved by great parents, great teachers, great leaders, and committed government. The dynamic nature of education culture is achieved through personalization and customization of education towards the needs of the country and the child.

The changes in the education system have a lot of impacts in the society and the entire world. It is evident that the changes are streamlined towards solving the problems and meeting the demands in the country. Therefore, the graduates who undergo the new system of education will be in a position to meet the needs in the society. The students will also develop their skills and talents, meaning the world’s economy will not only depend on office work but rather other talent related activities. In addition, the changes in education will shift competition in various aspects of life. This means that the output in every sector of the economy will tremendously increase. The world has become a global village due to advancement in information and technology. The change of education system will improve the relationship of people in the entire world because the new curriculum will allow student to interact on different grounds not only academic.

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