Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the aspect of utilizing a network of numerous remote servers hosted over the internet to keep process and control information instead of a locally available server. in most cases cloud computing often gives hosted services across the internet, which are in three distinct categories known as infrastructure, software and platform as a service.

This study will utilize primary research methods that utilizes a combination of questionnaires and interviews since it will be the most appropriate method to obtain firsthand accounts of the opinions in relation to cloud computing (Gillham, 2000). Questionnaires and survey interviews proved to be invaluable since the data collected was from the direct perspective of the numerous online businesses (Babbie, 1973).

Qualitative data

Qualitative data is often collected through interviews, case studies, focus groups, observation, diaries, problem portfolios, questionnaires, documents, journals, and critical incident analysis. This form of data is collected directly from the client, it is vital to realise that these form of information is the most accurate representation of the sample (Fowler, 2009). Qualitative data is effortless to collect, it gives the researcher a clear picture of reactions from the respondents. In addition, this form of research method allows the researcher to collect extra information that might be useful in the study ( Mcilwain et al 2006).

•Extract the information you found within your dissertation and how it will aide you in building up your research questions. I will utilise the aim and the Key objectives of the work since it will guide me in identifying the aim of the research, scope and all the necessary requirements (Patton, 1987).

Research question

•Why conducting this research is important

It is vital to conduct this research since it will highlight the key aspects that surround cloud computing, it will answer the research question and assist the researcher in making a valid conclusion (Yin, 1994).

What type of research questions will you be using to build up your qualitative data? Descriptive, causal and observational questions as highlighted below

• Is cloud computing is the future for business?

• What is cloud computing?

• What are the key cloud computing applications?

• What are the key benefits of cloud computing for business?

• Is cloud computing suitable for business?

• Will businesses can benefit from the trend of cloud computing?

Make up 1 research question.

• What are the benefits of cloud computing?

What are the attributes within this question?

•The question has a research problem that seeks to find out the importance of cloud computing.

The proposed research method

What will be the sample size of your research and why have you chosen this specific size?

This study will focus on approximately ten online companies that will be selected randomly. This size is vital for the study because it provides accuracy and it is cheaper to deal with a smaller number of companies (Mcneill, 1990). The random selection ensures the information received from the study is accurate. This study will use the method of quarterly analysis of the samples in order tenure that all the vital information that is associated with the research is addressed.

What were the first alternative research methods? Choose between 3.

The methods used in research include the phenomenal, positivistic and the use of questioners. Phenomenal research method is a method that analyses the quantitative aspect of a research while positivistic method is a method that deals with the qualitative aspect of a research. The use of questioners on the other hand includes the participation of individuals in the research through answering of questions. This study will combine the three methods in order to ensure that the results on the study are accurate. A clear example is that the qualitative research includes photos, notes of the researcher while the quantitative includes the numerical aspect of the research.

Strengths & weaknesses (use references to support your claims)

Different research methods that are I use have numerous strengths. To begin with, these research methods are accurate and they give the best results. These research methods are also reliable and easy for interpretation (Fisher, 1958). Finally, these research methods easy for application because they allow communication between the researcher and other individuals. Although research methods work towards the achievements of good results, they also have numerous weaknesses. A clear example is the financial issue that is associated with research methods. Some of the research methods are too expensive to be afforded by individuals. In this study, it is evident that this research will cover several countries (Fowler, 1993). In order for individuals to attain proper results, they will need to invest financial onto the research.

Project plan

Produce a Gantt chart to illustrate what you are going to be covering within your research.

Task Name

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9


 x  x              


     x  x  x        


           x  x    



Follow up


(Walliman, 2011).

A set budget to refrain you from spending too much and creating drawbacks within your research


Amount ($)

Materials for the research


Collection of samples


Transportation costs




The above budget illustrates the cost of the research. This plan is vital for the research because it aids the researchers in limiting their expenditures in order to avoid the issue of overspending (Mcburney, Mcburney & Middleton, 1994). When individuals are undertaking a research, the issues of overspending may be rampant. Nevertheless, with the aid of a clearly stated budget, the researchers will be able to avoid such cases (Cooper & Schindler, 1998).

Issues to be considered

Any negative aspects, which arise in this proposal, be sure to illustrate and expand on them here. Give ideas on how to overcome them.

The negative aspect that comes up in this research was neglect by some of the companies that the research intended to cover. Some of the managers were too busy with the issues of their companies to give this research the seriousness that it deserved. The other negative aspect in this research was the issue of finance. This research intended to cover more online companies it experienced limited finance.

Conclusion & Recommendation

In conclusion, this research will use both the qualitative and the quantitative methods to analyse the importance of cloud computing. This research will also be able to follow the stated budget to the latter and reflect positive result. While caring out the research, individuals were able to make a Gantt chart. This ensures that all the activities to be undertaken in the research have been put on record. This will act as a clear guideline on the activities to be carried out by the researchers. Finally, through the Gantt chart, the researcher will be able to follow all the significant stages that pertain to a research.

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