Construction Of A Wooden Bookshelf

Construction Of A Wooden Bookshelf


A bookshelf is a component fabricated for the purpose of storing or packaging books, files and other important documents. The main aim of constructing this project is to produce a wooden bookshelf which will provide a lasting solution to the problem facing libraries, offices, churches and homes in packaging and storing book items and other items. In search for storage facilities for books, and other important documents in libraries, offices, etc, a concept to produce durable bookshelf was initiated. Therefore, the construction of this shelf will help the prospected user(s) to be packaging their documents well an safe. There are different kinds of engineering materials which could be used in this type of construction apart from wood. These are: metal, plastic, and glass. The construction was facilitated by some simple machine (tools) such as hammer, saw, tape, scriber, jack plain, sandpaper, sprayer and materials such as nails, hinges and gums. As a matter of fact, different operations were performed sequentially to realize the finished product (bookshelf). Such processes are: making out, cutting/sewing; planning/smoothening; grooving and sunking (where necessary); joining; spraying. Mahogany wood was utilized in the construction. The wood was cut with sewing machine having measured it with tape to rescuer the desired measurements thus: 48 inches height: 42 inches length: 12 inches breadth. It was then smoothened to give a nice outlook. With gum the skeleton was formed before nailing. The skeleton was so formed before partitioning so that it would support and create reinforcement to the shelf and make it stand firm at the expected position while nailing and fixing the doors with hinges. Sequent to this, it was appropriately nailed and gum was blended with sawdust to smoothen rough and gapped places on the shelf before sandpaper and sprayed with sprayer. Conclusively, the glass doors were fixed which embellished the job exceedingly. As a matter f fact, the construction was designed to meet the requirement of Nigerian Standard Organization (NSO) in the construction of bookshelf. This is for the fact that the materials used were the high quality ones. Not only this reasons, the standard measurement was also employed as indicated above. It is necessary here to summarize the costing of the project as given in detail in recommendation part of this write up. Thus, cost of material was nine thousand nine hundred and severity naira (N9,970.00). Running cost was one thousand and two hundred naira (1,200.00) where as workmanship was three thousand eight hundred and thirty naira (N3,830.00) to total the sum of fifteen thousand naira (N15,000.00).


A bookshelf or bookcase is a furniture with horizontal shelves, used to store books. Wood stall remains the chide construction material used in the construction of thus bookshelf, although a transport glass is used for covering parts of the bookshelf to avoid intruders from having access to the equipment and books to be stored in the bookshelf. Bookshelf is mainly used for storing books at our homes, offices and schools, libraries and other household equipment like plates, glass cups, compact disc and so on.

While constructing the bookshelf a good attention or priority was given on the precautions taking during the construction of the bookshelf so as to produce an efficient bookshelf that will last for long.


The objectives of this project is to constant a standard bookshelf used in staring books and also to write down the procedure for the construction.


The scope of this project is the construction of bookshelf with use of wood, nail and glass

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