Design And Implementation Of Computerized Civil Service Performance Evaluation System

Design And Implementation Of Computerized Civil Service Performance Evaluation System


This project work is aimed at revealing this benefits of computerization in the promotion process of the local government system, especially as it concerns the senior staff of the local government. The project explained the way the local government service commissions Enugu embarks on promotion process of the local government staff in Enugu State. It has as its main purpose and other to advice the local government service commission Enugu on the benefits of the computerization in the promotion process. This is to increase speed and accuracy of processing promotion records for accuracy of processing promotion records for effective promotion to encourage efficiency and productivity in the local government system.


Title page


Tables of contents


1.0 Introduction and background of the study

1.1. Statement of the program

1.2 Purpose of the study

1.3 Aims and objectives study

1.4 Scope of the study

1.5 Limitation of the study

1.6 Assumptions

1.7 Definition of terms


2.0 Literature review


3.0 Description and analysis of existing system

3.1 Examination of documents

3.2 Organogram of local government service commission

3.3 Input to the current system

3.4 Output format from current system

3.5 Objectives of the existing system

3.6 Problems of the existing system

3.7 Justification for the new system


4.0 Output specifications and design

4.1 Explanation of the system flowchart

4.2 File design

4.3 Input files (design)

4.4 Input files definition tables

4.5 Processing of input data

4.6 Modes of accessing of files

4.7 System requirement


5.0 Implementation

5.1 Program design

5.2 Program flowchart

5.3 Pseudo code


6.0 Documentation

6.1 Software installation

6.2 System operation manual


Conclusion and Recommendation

7.0 Recommendation

7.1 Conclusion




Promotion is the gradual upgrading of the civil servants in Nigeria. The upgrading of the civil servants is a motivational incentive for greater productively. Motivational needs are of total importance and significance because the success or failure of any organization is largely determined by the output of such organization. There have been cases of inefficiency in the public bureaucracy especially the local government system.

The resultant effect is that many of such local government system, finds it difficult to meet up with the demands made on them by the citizenry. Multitude of them fails in their task of rural development. It has been suggested that the situation is not unconnected with poor promotion process of the employees. Therefore, it is vital that effective computer design systems are installed in the local government as well as local government service commissions to facilitate quick promotion process. The local government service commission has been empowered by law to promote the senior civil servants working in the local government system.

1.1 Statement of the problem

Organizing the promotion process has a great problem to the Enugu North Local Government Area. The processes involved are often inaccurate due to incorrect information. Information’s are collected haphazardly.

1. The compilation of senior staff nominal roll by the various departments in the local government is often. Inaccurate due to lack of correct information.

2. The compilation of the staff sonority list is often distorted through corrupt practices. This is because there are no effective computer systems to check it. Therefore promotion according to seniority is derived.

3. The compilation of the senior staff nominal roll is done manually. This wastes time in the promotion processes.

The above-mentioned problem is the systems have prompted the researcher to look for ways of curbing the collection of senior staff data manually.


The implementation of this research for the improvement of the promotion scheme will help the case study to improve and facilitate the promotion process. The computerized design will also help the Enugu state govt. service commission punctual and accurate in carrying out the promotion process of the local government councils with and outside the state to implement the design to improve promotion productivity. The research design will also help both the federal and state civil service commission to facilitate promotions of their staff.

Finally, the research will bean addition to the research work already done on the topic.


The aims and objectives of the study, is to improve the promotion process of civil servants, who are normally stagnated in one grade level for many years. It will also help curb the malpractice encountered in the preparation of staff seniority list and nominal rolls.

Another aim is to ensure that the service commissions will always have a stand by record of its entire staff installed in its computers for easy access and use for promotion.

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