The Effect Of Manpower Planning On The Performance Of An Organization

The Effect Of Manpower Planning On The Performance Of An Organization


The need for an organization to achieve its goals and objectives brought about the adoption of manpower planning in its management processes. It is hoped that effective manpower planning of its employees would enhance their performances thereby contributing effectively in achieving organizational set objectives and goals. The research examines the effect of manpower planning policy on the performance of an organization (A case study of Nigeria Union of Teachers, Kogi State.) and its impact on both the employees and the organization as a whole with a specific objective of looking at its contributions to achieving its desired objectives through the improvement of skill and knowledge of staff in an organization to enhance job satisfaction. In conducting the research work, questionnaires method was used which was administered to a sample 26 staff in the organization. Literature relevant to the study was extensively reviewed. This research work is important since worker’s performance directly or indirectly depends on how well an organization plans its manpower. From the findings of the research, the following are some of the recommendations made by the researcher among others: Every organization should endeavour to give manpower planning the attention it desires. Specialists in this area of manpower planning should be employed in companies/ organization to handle this complex assignment so that the fruits of an effective manpower planning can be reaped by such organizations, The organization should always look to identify all the necessary resources needed to improve its Manpower Planning Policy and Development as Manpower Planning is an on-going process which needs to be handled very carefully.



In both the advanced and under-developed countries, active Manpower Policy has increasingly come to be regarded as an indispensable supplement to a policy of economic growth and that of an organization. In this regard, one can say that organization in both advanced and under-developed nations have come around the perspective of the subject as concerned by the International Labour Organization.

To check unemployment that might arise in the process of economic development, develop and utilize effectively the available manpower resources, many organizations have realized the needs for the establishment of machinery for manpower planning that should initiate training program.

Manpower or human capital may be effectively employed or it may be under-utilized. The need for manpower can be categorized into two parts that is the generation of skills and the utilization of skills. These can generally be regarded as the process of human capital formation of investment on human capital.

The proper utilization of an organization workforce can help the organization save money at present and as the organization plans for the company’s future. Manpower Planning requires the interaction of development managers with your human resources professionals to maintain current staff level and plans for the future workforce needs. Manpower Planning can be used by organization to provide a framework by which the organization uses to prepare for and monitor the future growth and manpower requirements of the organization. The failure of an organization to develop proper manpower planning and development may have a direct effect on the performance of the organization either presently or in the future.

As we know Manpower Planning is simply planned for the future manpower needs of an organization. It seeks to make sure that an organization has the right number of people at the right time, place and point and engage in activities that are economically useful and viable.


Manpower planning which is the first step in the process of procurement of human resources of an organization, it covers planning for the future manpower needs of an organization. Manpower planning has the following problems.

Inadequate right numbers of people: In an organization where there is inadequate number of people (manpower) to carry out the essential duties, these will hinder the work at hand and cause insufficient utilization of materials which might affect the life wire of the organization. For instance, money on its own is nothing it is the number of people in an organization that uses money to actualize organizational goals and objectives. Materials are used by staff, just as staff determines what method to be employed to discharge their functions and what time to discharge them.

The way and manner personnel are managed: This affects performance of the organization where the personnel feels discontented or dissatisfied, the performance of the organization will be adversely affected. These show that, personnel is a critical input for the growth, survival, development, regeneration and performance of an organization.

Improper promotion of staff: Promotion of staffs or employees should be carefully done. When properly planned, promotion can act as the required tonic for boosting the morale of employees and ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of performance but when not properly carried out or when it is abused, promotion could engender suspicion and mistrust to the total disadvantage of the organization.


The objectives of this study are as follows:


It is hoped that after these research, the research will enable the organization to put in place the adequate manpower in the right time because with these aforementioned, the organization will be viable and also achieve her objectives.


The research work is limited to Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) Kogi State. That is situated at Lokoja the state capital of Kogi State. The research work is to investigate the effect of manpower planning policy on the performance of an organization (NUT) and also to identify the case and solution to problems.


During the cause of carrying out the research on the topic it is expected that there will be so many questions that will come up such as:


Ho: Manpower Planning does not bring down the performance of an organization.

Hi: Manpower Planning brings down the performance of an organization.


Money: There was no adequate and sufficient fund as at when needed for the researcher to meet the set objectives.

Time: Time is another factor that is against earlier completion of the research work. The time set for the researcher work coupled with the assignment to be executed simultaneously was inadequate.Insufficient library books facilities in the school.

Some people are not ready to give useful information and necessary assistance for the accomplishment of the study.


MANPOWER: These can be defined as the general total supply of personnel available or engaged for a specific job or task. It could also be referred to as the total force of a nation including both men and women.

PERSONNEL: These the body of persons employed by or active in an organization, business or services. It is an administrative division of an organization concerned with the body of persons employed or active in it and often acting as a liaison between different departments.

WORKFORCE: These can be defined as the total number of workers employed by a company or organization on a specific job, project etc. It could be said also to be the total number of people who could be employed in a country.

HUMAN RESOURCES: These the department in an organization charged with finding, screening, recruiting and training job applicants as well as administering employee benefits program.

PERFORMANCE: Is an accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost and speed.

GROWTH: Can be said to be the development from a lower or simpler to a higher or more complex form evolution. It is also an increase in size, number, value or strength of an organization.

EFFICIENCY: Is the state or quality of being competent in performance, the ability to do a job with a minimum expenditure of time and efforts.

MANAGEMENT: Is the act of coordinating the efforts of people to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. These comprises of planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing and controlling an organization.

ORGANIZATION: Is a social entity that has a collective goal and is linked to an external environment.

MANPOWER PLANNING: can be defined as a strategy for the procurement, development, allocation and utilization of an organization human resources.


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