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In his article “Pedal Push” Walsh Bryan argues that, it is important for the society to embrace the idea of cycling and adopt a positive attitude towards cyclists.

Walsh Bryan claims that for many years, the society has not embraced the idea of cycling either for pleasure or just to move around. Most people use cars to move from one point to another without giving cyclists enough room on the road (Walsh 52). This is why most cyclists are faced with insults when using the road. Most people do not believe that cyclist have a right to use the road just like motorists. Walsh argues that, the disregard for cycling has contributed highly to accidents, which are either committed intentionally or genuinely by motorists. He also points out that, even laws do not provide justice to cyclists who are involved in accidents. In most courts it has become difficult to obtain justice for cyclists.

He argues that, although cycling is a foreign idea in the US it has a big potential of reducing the amount of traffic that is created by motorists. Because most people opt to use cars even when going to very short distances the roads have become very congested. He adds that the number of cars is rising drastically making it impossible for the country to contain the current capacity (Walsh 53). With the introduction of bikes it will be very easy to manage traffic on the roads. Even though, people do not have to use bikes only and discard cars, they can use them occasionally especially when moving to short distances. However, this can only happen if all people including pedestrians learn to appreciate cycling as means of transportation.

Walsh Bryan points out the loopholes that are seen in introduction of cycling as an alternative means of transportation especially in cities. He argues that, although motorists are the majority they should not monopolize the road because other people also have a right to use it. He has used Jeff Frings, a renowned cyclist to unveil the negative attitude directed towards cycling and cyclists (Walsh 53). Through several cameras on the helmet and other areas Jeff provides a practical example of how cyclists are treated on the road. He points out that he receives insults and bruises on a daily basis from motorists. He adds that on several accounts he has experienced having objects thrown at him as a form of warning that cyclists do not belong on the road. He also points out that the courts are not well equipped and do not take cyclists accidents seriously.

Therefore, there is a great importance on ensuring that the public understands cycling is as important as driving a car. This is because even with the increase on the number of people using cycling as an alternative method of transport there is lack of respect and special lanes for cyclists. This is because cyclists feel welcomed in very few cities such as New York. Therefore, there is a great need of creating special lanes for cyclists in most cities to make them bike friendly.

Although, cycling as an alternative means of transport will improve the economy and reduce of environmental pollution by gas emissions it has numerous negative impacts. For instance, it is reported that there is great number of people who are admitted in hospitals because of bicycle accidents annually. However, the level of accidents by cyclists cannot be compared to that caused by cars (Walsh 54). Hence bikes pose a less danger compared to cars. Therefore, there is a great need for a campaign to help individuals and social institutions to embrace cycling and create a biking friendly society. This will include creating special lanes for cyclists and providing education to drivers on how to handle cyclists who are using the same road.

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