Explanation Regarding the Paper

Explanation Regarding the Paper

I would kindly like to confirm my familiarity with the topic regardless of the minor mistakes found on the assignment. First and foremost, I developed a structure based on the given instructions to be able to tackle the assignment effectively. I also developed a thesis statement, which is basically what the research will be about. To show familiarity or background of my work, I started with an introduction explain what animal rights are.

The Utilitarian view on animals rights, which is associated with Singer points out that animals have rights, but human beings are not restricted from violating some of the freedoms for the sake of humanity. Therefore, people should be able to kill animals for food so long as the animals get a dignified death. On the other hand, Kantian Theory on animals’ rights argues that, moral welfare does not solely depend on the ability to think or feel pain and pleasure. Moral welfare should be accorded to all living beings.

The conclusion consists of the summary of the introduction and the comparison of the Kantian and Utilitarian theories in relation to animal rights. I can also ascertain that I met the page number requirement. This is because my paper is 577 words minus reference and cover page. I hope this letter will provide you an overview and help you understand that I am conversant with the topic. Kindly adjust my score upward.

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