Gulliver Travels

Gulliver Travels

Gulliver Travels by Swift is a narrative that utilizes satire. It gives an account of Lemul Gulliver’s travels in different parts of the world. His adventure begins when the trained surgeon and English business man finds himself in a bad situation after his business collapsed (Swift 56). When Gulliver’s investment failed, he decided to use the sea in search of adventure. The story uses first person narrative to explain human flaws. Gulliver explains the misfortunes of his journey as the narrative unfolds. The author uses the first person to give a vivid picture of the social problems that are experienced in the world. Gulliver’s character is changing from time-to-time to reflect evils in the society.

The adventure started when Gulliver woke up to find himself in Lilliputian tied with threads after a shipwreck. The threads that bound him were very small and he was surrounded by tiny people who found him strange. The people were hostile to him at first and used small arrows against him. However, the people later became very welcoming and used some of their food to feed Gulliver who ate a lot of food. He was later taken to the ruler of Lilliputian and used as an entertainer to the emperor. Things became better for Gulliver and the Lilliputian army started using him in wars (Swift 70). However, Gulliver is later accused of causing fire in the royal place, which amounts to treason. Before facing his punishment, Gulliver manages to escape to a neighboring land where he gets a boat and takes off to England for safety.

Swift used Gulliver’s character to show the evils in society and reveal what happens in the world in a satirical manner. First, Swift does this when Gulliver gets tired of living a life of pleasure and later desires to find a place where he can live alone in isolation. Gulliver sought to escape from the pressures of life. He learnt that a life of tranquility is more important. Through Gulliver’s sense of restlessness and the desire to live alone, Swift was highlighting the social flaws. He continues to show that some time the desire to live in serenity is superficial because humans were created to live in a chaotic world. This is portrayed when Gulliver is captured by the crew (Swift 70). Therefore, Swift pointed out that despite the problems that an individual goes through; the experience obtained is always great and beneficial.

After going through the narrative, it is clear that Gulliver had changed from a naive business man to an adventurous islander. He started moving from one place to another. This shows great transformation to the character that was portrayed as inexperienced at the beginning. However, at the end Gulliver becomes experienced. Just like in real life, Gulliver is guided by fate to move from one point to another in his life. Although Swift focuses on Gulliver, he does not emphasize on his character at first. Swift used Gulliver to analyze the society in a satirical manner. The author used Gulliver in a generic manner to explain social evils. Through Gulliver’s life, the audience is able to understand the society.

However, as the plot of the story develops, Gulliver obtains a more distinct character as an individual. As the narrative unfolds Gulliver is portrayed as a naive business man. Just like everybody else, he is fascinated by the society and is interested in exploring the world. However, he gets to a point where he is disgusted by the society that he once admired so much. The more he explored the world the more he found it unworthy to live in (Swift 90). Therefore, Gulliver is able to develop his own character as an individual instead of working just as a mouth piece for Swift. As a human being, he goes through life seeing all the social evils. He clearly brings out his own perception of the world and feelings about social ills.

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