How People Experience Love

How People Experience Love

They say love makes the world go round. It is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired by someone. These are but just some of the definitions and understandings that people use to express their understanding of love. Love has existed since the inception of the world. It is the foundation of every relationship that people are bound together. It is the feeling that makes people coexist in a way that they can sacrifice anything for love. Many people have used their own understanding to explain what love is. Some have done it through narrations, poems, drama, stories and much more. All this in an effort to portray understanding of what love is.

There are different types of love that we all experience since our childhood up to the maturity period. Love for children is the love that parents show towards their children as they grow to maturity. Parents express this love in different ways, such as buying their children presents, writing them letters and taking them to their favorite places. Another form of love is friendship love. This is love between friends or people who have a mutual understanding and closeness. Friends express their love through been there for one another and times of need. Such commitments are the expressions of love between true friends. Love between two people of opposite sex is defined as mates love. People who are in love with one another are described as lovers and this is the most sought type of love. It is what makes two people choose to leave their families and live together forever for the name of love.

All the descriptions given herein are the basic understanding of what is like to love and be loved in return. In this essay different ways have been used to show and explain love in different ways. Great authors used their artistic writing ability to describe love in different ways and forms. Some used poems to show their own understanding of love (Norman, 1999, p.80). Others have written love stories in novels to depict the real image of love. Others have used narration and acting to live audience as a way of showing what love means. It is from these different descriptions that people get their own understanding of love.

Lysistrata is a play by Aristophanes which has different characters that are used to argue about a situation in their day to day life. The story revolves around a bunch of young women who seem frustrated with their husband. They stage a very serious demonstration to their husbands and the magistrate whose is the neutral on the matter (Benjamin, 1991, p. 110) These women fight for equality and fair treatment in their marriages. The lead character Lysistrata is the cheer leader of this play that demonstrates serious accusations about their men.

These women take an action to manipulate their husbands to take part in ending the Peloponnesian war. To these women their men are cowards who have refused to liberate their country at its time of need. Though they are brought together by love as partners, they disagree on the matters of their society. This demonstration was incited and all the married women had to deny their husbands the conjugal rights. In a move to push these men to go out into the battle field to defend their families the women will stop at nothing to prove their seriousness.

As always the case, love brings two partners together which results to marriage. Their marriage is based on understanding and their commitment to spend the rest of the life together. However there is also another love for one another which the society shares. This love is based on friendship and mutual understanding of living in the same neighborhood. The need to push for serious matters goes beyond the personal feelings and these women unite for a worthy cause. They feel that their men should play their role in the society and they are ready to push them against the wall.

This women’s strategy however draws a lot of drama and battle between the different sexes. In the play, Calonice represents the women and portrays a very aggressive figure in arguing out their case. Lysistrata plays the key role in leading the entire demonstration and inciting the other women to follow suit in pushing their husbands(Norman, 1999, p.231). She has a big responsibility which does not require a faint hearted person and plays her role pretty well. As a cheer leader she convenes a meeting for all women and manages to convince them to act on the matter at hand.

As a means of sealing the deal these women undergo an oath so as to keep their word. This oath is a way of ending those reluctant to take part in the demonstration. The women are very serious on the issue and this leads to a confrontation with the men (Benjamin, 1991, p.132). To these men, a woman should submit to their husband and they should not go against them in any way. Therefore, the women’s move is treated as disrespect to their men despite of the fact that they did it for a good reason. The boundaries of love are broken and more serious matters are taken into consideration. Love is a subject of concern in everyone’s life and this play revolves around making a choice between marriage love and the entire society love for one another.

Throughout the entire story, a lot of drama is evident and the involvement of third parties such as the magistrate does not save the situation. However towards the end of the story some women back off and decline to follow the rest in the demonstration. This depicts the weaknesses that love can create in people’s lives. Some women are weak in love for their husbands and they cannot imagine disappointing them. Despite the seriousness of the matter, the issue of love becomes a point of divide and disunity in the story. That is how different people experience and show their love to their partners, friends and their young ones as well.

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