Human Computer Interaction (HCI): Email

Human Computer Interaction (HCI): Email


Electronic mail was developed in 1993. It is a means of transferring digital messages between internet users. Ancient emailing required both the sender and the recipient of the message to be online. In the current email system, the server uses the store and forward model where the server stores messages and allows forwarding of email messages. Not the sender or the recipient of the message is required to be online for the message to be accessed by one of the parties.

An electronic mail has three components which are, message envelope, message header and the message itself (the content). The message header entails the sender’s email address. It also entails one or more recipient addresses. Initially, it was possible to send only text through email but with the evolution of the email system, it has been made possible to send multi-media content attached to the email.

With the evolution of the email, the current email interface allows more interaction between people over the internet. It is a prerequisite to have an email address in order to officially apply for a job. Job seekers use the email to submit their credentials to employers. The employers also use emails to communicate to their employees and job applicants. Electronic mail has therefore created not only a fast but a cheap and efficient channel through which employers interact with the public.

Email has increased socializing over the internet. There are over 2.2 billion registered email users in the world.144 billion emails are sent daily (Royal Pingdom, 2013). This means that a lot of people use email to send both texts and multi-media content. This includes pictures and video clips. Friends and business people are therefore able to come into contact via the email.

The invention of email has played a role in the escalating rate of human computer interaction. The evolution of email has made it simpler for people to come into contact. In the near future, people will be able to send large video clips and even video call via emails.

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