The Impact Of Effective Leadership Style In Organizational Performance

The Impact Of Effective Leadership Style In Organizational Performance


This study; “The impact of effective leadership style in organizational performance was the major issue that prompted the carrying out of this research work. In the process of the research. Questionnaire (CASE STUDY OF SOME SELECTED FIRMS IN ABA ,ABIA STATE) both primary and secondary sources of data were used for this research work, while chi-square statistical tool was used to test the research hypothesis. However the research in its finding revealed that, leadership style affects organizational productivity, the motivation of workers and employee expectation and moral, it was equally discovered that motivation is very necessary in every organization if the intellect of the workers are to be fully utilized to the advantage of the organization, finally, it is recommended that the polytechnic should create an environment conducive for workers performance encourages workers participation in decision making without the status of the workers. Also encourage worker and leadership training to enhance workers productivity and performance.




The concept and definition of leadership and style may differ from one person, or situation, to the other. The word “leadership” has been used in various aspects of human endeavor such as political, business, academic, social works, etc previous views about leadership show it as personal ability. Messick and Kramer(2004) argued that the degree to which the individual exhibits leadership traits depend not only on his characteristics and personal abilities, but also on the characteristics of the situation and environment in which he finds himself. Since human beings could become members of an organization in other to achieve certain personal objectives, the extent to which they one active members depends on how they are convinced that their membership will enable them to achieve their predetermined objective. Therefore, on individual will support an organization if he believes that through it his personal objectives and goals could be met, if not the personal interest will decline. Leadership style in an organization is one of the factors that play significance role in enhancing or retarding the interest and commitment of the individuals in organization. Thus Glanz (2002) emphasis the need of a manager to find his leadership style. Among the objectives of any small enterprise one profit making and attainment of maturity and liquidity status. In the pursuit of these objective, enterprises allocate scarce resources to competing ends. In the process they provide employment, provide goods and services, purchase goods and services and thus, contribute to the growth of the society and economy at large.

Unamaka (1998) observes that in most Nigeria small scale setting, the effectiveness of this process is greatly determined by the availability and access to personnel, finance, machinery, raw material and possibility of making their goods and services available to their immediate community and the nation at large.

The extent to which members of an organization contribute in harnessing the resources of the organization equally depends on how well the managers (leaders) of the organization understand and adopt appropriate leadership style in performing their roles as manager and leaders. Thus, efficiently in resources mobilization allocation, utilization and enhancement of organizational performance depends, to a large extent, on leadership.

On leadership style, among other factors. Akpala (1998) identifies attitude to work leadership style and motivation as some of the factors that exert negative on organization performances in Nigeria. Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) in 2008, reports that most small and medium scale business in Nigeria died before their fifth anniversary. Ashibogwa (2008) notes that one of the reason for this high failure is lack market research to confirm demand and assess situation of proposed offering as well as maintaining high level of customer patronage inappropriate leadership style could be one of the reasons for high failure of small enterprise.


To evaluate how leadership style impact productivity.

To determine the various types of leadership applied in the organization.

To ascertain the relationship between leadership and employee expectation.


To know what would be the impact of management and staff relationship to organization productivity.

To know how leadership style affect productivity.

To know the extent works will perform well allow to participate in decision making.


This research work intends to answer the following questions


H: The leadership style practiced in an organization has a relationship with employees expectations.

Hi: The leadership style practiced in organization does not have a relationship with employees expectation.


This study on the affect of leadership style in Nigeria organization is focused on Aba Abia state .


This study is important because it will be useful in the following ways

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