Impact of Smartphones and Tablets on Human Computer Interaction

Impact of Smartphones and Tablets on Human Computer Interaction

Arguably, by reflecting on the history of human computer interaction, it is apparent that human computer interaction has seen us progress from medieval communication, to the personal computer and of late one can effectively communicate easily with people across the globe using tablets, smartphones or rather any other communication gadget that can be used to access the internet. Even without the use of portable gadgets like tablets and smartphones, human computer interaction has progressed in a way that current computers perform effectively and complete commands within a very short time. Following the introduction of tablets and smartphones, this paper will essentially establish the impact of smartphones and tablets on human computer interaction.

Remarkably, the general outline of human computer interaction has since changed following the introduction of smartphones and tablets, in fact, it is no longer necessary for one to seat behind a computer and communicate or rather transact business with people from abroad, you can sort it out via a smartphone or a tablet.

Notably, many people currently use tablets, iPads and smartphones in meetings and conferences. The introductions of smartphones and tablets have enhanced files storage and its accessibility. A number of people are used to the habit of carrying files on portable flash disks, however, as human computer interaction advance, the introduction of smartphones and tablets particularly iPad do not allow the use of portable flash disks, in fact, iPad has no USB port, therefore the idea of plugging in a flash has been totally shunned away. Alternatively, cloud computing allows one to easily access files from any gadget that can access the internet. Cloud computing works in a way such that one can easily upload files to iCloud and share the files as he or she wishes.

Arguably, many people find it more convenient to use their tablets and smartphones for reading journals, news and doing research for information. Basically, tablets and smartphones allow us to do things much better; this has completely changed the way people interact with media and with each other.

To conclude, it is apparent that the introductions of smartphones and tablets have changed human computer interaction in a way that people now do prefer tablets and smartphones over computers due to the convenience, effective performance and portability

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