Licensing of Parents

Licensing of Parents

Every parent will agree with me that parenting is not such an easy task as some people perceive it. The ability to raise children in the right manner is very important especially in a world that is dynamic. Parenting is a very delicate process that requires prepared minds and psychological fitness among other things for it to be successful. An individual can become a parent through giving birth or adoption. Either way an individual who decides to become a parent is faced with many responsibilities of bringing up a child in the right way (Tittle, 2004). I believe that it is, therefore, important to have biological parents licensed before they have children. This is fair to the parents, children and the society. How ironical is it that an individual has to go through a very tough process to qualify for adoption while people who are not responsible are allowed to give birth. This paper will discuss reasons as to why parents need a license to have children and a counter argument to parent licensing.

It is necessary to have parents licensed before they can have their children to ensure that the individuals are prepared and capable of looking after the children in the right way. It is important to note that parenting is one of the most challenging and complex process in life. This is because it involves mental, psychological, physical and financial commitment on the parents. Therefore, it is important for parents to undergo some form of training and assessment to determine whether they are in a capacity to bring up children in a holistic manner (Tittle, 2004). Although most people would argue that biological parents have the sole decision in child bearing, the impacts of bringing a child to the world is felt both by the parents and the society. In addition, the responsibility of parenthood just like any other, need to be taken with a lot of seriousness (Shaffroth, 2008). Since individuals need training and licensing for driving, fishing and hunting, it is necessary to have license for those people who would like to become parents.

If the society does not believe that individuals can adopt and become good parents without training and observation to determine their capability, then it is not worthy to let parents have children without a license. This is because just like adoptive parents, biological parents need to be fit to be able to take care of children. Mandatory classes and observation by an attorney should be a requirement for those people who want to become parents. Licensing of parents should be done for the sole purpose of ensuring that people who are irresponsible or criminals do not have the chance to mistreat their child when it is born (Shaffroth, 2008). Many people who have been given the chance to become parents by the society have used procreation to propagate poverty. Giving birth to a child without any good plans and skills towards parenthood has led to high number of street children, which costs the government and the society a lot of resources. It is not logical for an individual to have children that she cannot be able to bring up in the right manner. It is estimated that millions of children are mistreated every year or physically abused by their parents.

On the other hand, it is not necessary for people who want to become parents to have a license. Some people may argue that since a person has the right to have children it is unethical and an infringement of an individual’s right to deny her the chance to reproduce. Just like the right to free speech, worship and expression, people should be given the chance to have children when they want (Playstead, 2008). People do not need a license to have children because it is a basic right. In addition, denial of a chance to have children without a license can lead to high levels of incontinence. This is because there are individuals who may not have the time and resources to wait and obtain a license but have the passion and the desire to have children. Therefore, parents should be allowed to have children without a license.


It is important to license parents in order to manage any harm to children and the society as a whole. Children need to be brought up by good parents in a conducive environment. Parenting is also a very delicate process and a challenging responsibility to be left in the hands of people who are not qualified or mentally, psychological and socially fit. On the other hand, denying an individual the opportunity to have a child or limiting their reproduction creates an inconvenience (Playstead, 2008). For instance, a person who wants to have children and does not have time to attend parental training maybe limited from full filling her dreams. The inability to have children when an individual feels that it is necessary can lead to frustrations. However, this cannot be used to rule out the benefits of licensing people before they become parents. This is because regulation of parenthood protects the unborn children and the society from irresponsible individuals who end up creating a lot of inconveniences to other people.

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