Literary Space And The Print Media In Northern Nigeria: A Study Of Literature And Journalism

Literary Space And The Print Media In Northern Nigeria: A Study Of Literature And Journalism


This study is titled “Literary Space and the Print Media in Northern Nigeria: A Study of Literature and Journalism. The Examples of the New Nigerian and the Guardian Newspapers,” proceeds on the argument that, both literature and journalism lay claim to the same historical material as their ontological bases. Overtime, they have operated as distinct disciplines but their interdisciplinary relationship is reinforced by the current advances in cultural studies which interrogates the categories of literary, non-literary or sub-literary texts. The work deploys one of the theories of Post Structuralism called New Historicism as its analytical framework. In New Historicism texts are viewed as the many discourses of a culture. There is no hierarchy of texts or the separation amongst texts as literary, nonliterary or historical material. It does not interpret history as proceeding linearly, but privileges many strands of narratives. Within New Historicist discourse the research argues that literary materials published in conventional medium like textbooks or journals that appear in the format of newspaper exist as materials of co-ordinate importance to literary studies. The research undertook an empirical survey in some Universities in Northern Nigeria. Two hundred and sixty-eight (268) questionnaires were administered to the sample population comprised of students and lecturers. The Literary editor of the New Nigerian newspaper was also interviewed. This study contends that the association between literature and journalism is fostered by evolving nature of literature that is grounded in post modern literary trends.

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