Maize Adjunct In Sorghum Beer Brewing

Maize Adjunct In Sorghum Beer Brewing


This research work was on maize (Zea may) abject in sorghum vulgare) beer brewing the sorghum was malted and milled. Malting was achieved by sleeping the grains in water at 280c for 48 germination of the grain was allowed for 72 hrs and killed in air oven at 550c for 48 hrs. maize as an adjunct was incorporate into the malted malted sorghum during mashing was done by the use of work. The work was then boiled with hope to sterilized concentrate as to extract solvable material for the hope. Fermentation was also carried out using a locally made fermented. Saccharomyces cerevisiae as the chosen yeast was inoculated into the work and allowed to ferment for 7-12 days at 20 respectively for primary and secondary fermentation. The product was later packaged in a sterilized bottle and covered the use of maize as an adjunct in sorghum beer brewing is to improve the sugar level of the work consequently the diastolic power.

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