Perception Of Female Students Towards Sex Education In Nigeria

Perception Of Female Students Towards Sex Education In Nigeria



This study focuses on the perception of female students towards sex Education in the University of calabar, calabar, Cross River State”. The variable such as sex, sexual transmitted disease, contraceptives, indecent exposures, Abstinence was discussed. A total number of 200 respondents were randomly selected in these six departments (Human kinetics and Health Education, science Education, Psychology, law, microbiology and Biochemistry) of the University of calabar. Questionnaire was used as major instrument in the study, four hypotheses were formulated in the study and the method used for data was simple percentage (%) for a clear presentation of section A and comparison of data while chi-square (X2) was used to test the hypothesis at alpha 0.05 level of significant.

The study revealed that the Female Students in the University of Calabar are aware of sex Education, that they have knowledge on sex Education and of course they have good attitude towards sex Education, they also have positive practice of sex Education. It was therefore recommended that the University of Calabar should introduce sex Education to all levels in different faculties in the school and it should be made compulsory.

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