Pertaining to Global Outsourcing

Pertaining to Global Outsourcing

The article worrying trends for the global outsourcing industry highlights that a majority of companies engaging in outsourcing gain enormous profits because most of the outsourced service is often equally cheaper and effective. It is evident that a majority of companies are scared because of the anticipated global recession that could affect their business although reputable companies will continue reaping the benefits of outsourcing. Indian companies strive to outsource in order to minimize costs, follow the vision of the company and to get quality goods. Numerous companies in this article benefit from the aspect of outsourcing although it is obvious that American businesses are always gaining while Indian Businesses often get losses when there is a recession. In my opinion, a company has to find the most appropriate partner who will provide affordable services that will minimize the cost of the company operations.

CP 6 Newspaper article (WSJ or NYT) for topics pertaining to global marketing

The article Nokia Unveils Low-Price Phones amid Intensifying Global Competition By Kevin J. O’brien Published on February 25, 2013 highlights how Nokia is planning to capture its market share in the industry. Nokia was once a leading mobile phone manufacturer although other competitors have emerged and this led to a reduction in the market share of the company. The company has strategized to unveil two new mobile phone that have the basis functions of operations while the other two have the latest technology that have the properties of a smart phone. I believe this strategy might work since mobile technology is often improving, and I believe these new phones will fit the current trend leading to high sales together with a regain of its consumers. The basic phones will attracts consumers who do not like advanced technology in their mobile operations.

CP 7 Newspaper article (WSJ or NYT) for topics pertaining to exchange market

The article Market Delay in Chicago Points Again to Technology was published in April 25, 2013, by Julie Creswell and Ben Protess highlighting how the trading in the exchange market in one of the largest centres delayed for numerous hours on a working day as a result of technological issues that relate to the computers. Marketing of shares was disrupted during the day since the exchange began operating in the early afternoon on that day. During his period, the brokers were idle, and they had to seek ways in which they could hedge their stock. According to this article it is evident that these system failures happened twice, and the latest excuse was that an individual’s had hacked their system. I believe that system failures are often bound to happen although the management of this sector should b alert and provide backup to cover up the lost time that could have made other people rich.

CP8United States Commerce depart

The name of the firm is the United States Commerce department. I found this website trough my uncle who works with this government institution. This government department permits the United States of America to indulge in business with other countries in order to increase the interactions between nations.

Exports from the US to other countries help to boost the country’s Gross Domestic Products, and at the same time help, businesses grow in the country. Exportation also facilitates interaction of the US with other countries thus the exchange in business ideas. Finally, through the commerce department, the American government has been able experience transparency and accountability in the business field. This has ensured that all business and companies pay the taxes, and they participate in business that has been legalized.

CP9.EU salesperson Motivation and Turnover

In summary, this article addresses the issue of EU salesperson Motivation and Turnover. The major cause behind the success of the company is the sales people’s motivation, skills and persistence. This had enabled the company to leave the sales people with the duty of checking their customers stock and selling products. If the customers accumulate debts. Of over 25000 Euros, they are assigned new sales persons who will persuade them to pay the debts.

I believe that the profit margin will be maximized through the indulgence of the sales persons. This is because the sales people are able to motivate their customers and persuade them to buy goods and at the same time follow up on the payments. They also use the best policies when demanding cash from their customers.

Cp10.Mac and PC's Overseas Adventures

In summary, this articles highlights on Mac and PCs adventures. The major cause of the issue is competition between the two companies. When advertising Mac vs. PC, there were numerous controversial issues as to which model of the computer was superior to the other. Different advertisements come up to indicate the difference between the two models and their superiority, but eventually individuals stated that the two models have minimal differences.

In order to solve this advertising problem and prevent it from happening in the future, the two companies should adverse their products independently. This means that they should not indulge the other companies in their advertisements. I would also recommend the media to sensor sensitive advertisements that may lead to the fall of one of the companies. I believe that both companies are competitive enough to handle independent advertisements.

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