Political Fallacy

From the presidential Republican Debate held in New Hamshiphere Manchester, the seven presidential candidates face each other to determine who will take off Obama during the 2012 elections (CNN 1). From the debate I heared the candidates make falacious statements in their speech. However, I decided to focus on one that was made by a conservative Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. Michele Bachman said that the Congressional Budget Office pointed that implementation of Obamacare would kill 800,000 jobs(CNN 1). This was a very big lie and wrong statitic because the president would not be stupid to pass such a bill (CNN 1). It seemed like Michele Bachman forgot to counter check her information before presenting it to the public. Although most people trust the CBO, their information is not always true and cannot be used without counter checking for clarification to avoid giving the wrong message (CNN 1).

She commited a fallacy known as argument from authority, which simply refers to using an higher authority such as, previous research to back up an individuals argument. Most politicians would use this tactic when they are not able to convince the public. A politician would cite another person’s ideas or information in an attempt to convince the audience that they have the right information. Although this is not always a bad thing it can be misleading when it is used in the wrong manner.

Mostly individuals cite other people or resources and treat the information as very authoritative to command support or following. From logical study any information that is used to support an argument wrongly or using an authoritative source to support contrary opinions is considered as argument from authority. In addition, any information that is used to support unrelated argument is regrded as fallacious.

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