Proposal for United States Banking Systems

Proposal for United States Banking Systems

This proposal is a response to Hamilton request on the United States Banking System in 1791.


Hamilton’s proposal in the 1791 is that the Congress to create a national bank and branches that will be both private and public, though performing public functions. This is a perfect example of his overall plan to forge a government business alliance. Hamilton’s proposal is approved by Congress, but of all the domestic issues of 1790s, banking is the greatest factor in the creation of a political opposition.

The purpose of this research is to solicit the perception of Hamilton and opinions of other leaders in government and from the general people of the community. Consequently, the research will:

  • Assess the reasons individuals choose to be members of certain banks in the Banking system and the reason why some individuals are not members of any bank in the banking system of United States.
  • Determine the banking system structure regulatory bodies in the banking system.
  • Determine the issues facing the banking system on privacy, fraud, anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering, and disclosure.
  • Determine the various forms of controlling the banking system
  • Determine the role the banking system president.
  • Assess the people of the United States the impact of the banking systems on the lives.
  • Determine the economic aspects that the United States banking system has on the country.
  • Determine the functions of the United States banking system.
  • Determine the various banks that exist in the United State banking system and the governing bodies.

Proposed Approach

The approach to develop assessment instrument will combine literature review and a focus group interview process. Assessment queries will be designed after a careful review of related literature. However, the interview will be done to the focus group. The purpose of the focus group is to gather information about the people’s perceptions, thoughts, opinions and feelings about the United State banking systems. In addition, members of the banking system will be involved in the focus group to help in the survey. Findings from the literature review and the data from the focus group will be combined to develop the survey questionnaire.

Data Collection

Evaluation studies will be undertaken. A random sample of people in the United will be offered questionnaire forms to fill about the United State banking system. Others will be interviewed concerning the banking system and its effectiveness in the country. The questionnaires are simple and clear and do not have personal effects on the individuals. The data collected will be put together and be evaluated. The data helps to know the effects the banking system has on people and determines whether the banking system is an effective business in the country.

Statistical Analysis

All the data will be analyzed for evaluation. Inferential statistical tests like correlations, regressions, Chi-square and descriptive analysis that involve finding for mean, standard deviation, range, frequency and percentage will be very appropriate in the analysis. They will be essential in presenting the findings. Suggestions and comments are also useful in the survey. A preliminary report will de be made from the finding.

Proposed Staff

This research will be conducted under the leadership of the United State government and that of the banking system. Jefferson and Madison have their opposition on the banking system proposal arguing that the proposal is unconstitutional and that institution will favor the interest of commerce over agriculture. However, they did not dismantle the national banking system even after their opposition.

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