Religious Studies. John and Luke

Religious Studies. John and Luke

Religion is one of the complex things to comprehend on Earth. As a matter of fact, the complexity of religion and religious activities is based on hope, beliefs, and written evidence. This means that the truth about religion is based on written religious texts and beliefs. Based on the Gospel of John and the book of Acts of the Apostles there are various question that could be answered by Luke and John in their perspective. The Bible always states that there is only one true God who should be worshipped and adored, this God created the entire universe. The big question that people ask today is why there are many different ideologies and religions in the world.

In the Gospel of John 1:11 God came for the sake of His own, but they did not receive him. Luke and John would answer the issue of many different ideologies and religions based on the fact that everyone was give freedom to choose what they wanted. Jesus the son of God came to this world to safe his people from sin, but due to the fact that people had to choose to follow Him or not it created differences. In addition, human beings have never got along together, the spirit of competition. The fact that people interpret the Bible differently and does not understand the word of God accordingly brings religious and ideological differences. Luke and John will also assert that Jesus came for us all but the presence of wickedness in the human race has lead to different religions and disagreement among human beings (New International Version,Acts 7:51-8:8). Even during the time of Jesus many people differed on his teachings and did not believe in Jesus, this was the signs of ideological differences that is witnessed in the world today.

Based in the Biblical view there are many people who practice some form of religion as a way of getting close to God. In addition, there are those who reject atheism in all ways. These two groups of people share some sort of spiritual brotherhood. Those who belief in God and those who are against atheism share some common grounds since they believe that there is a God. Perhaps, Luke and John would assert that the brotherhood exist due to the fact there is only one supreme God and His son Jesus Christ(New International Version, Acts 6:1-15). Those who believe in God and those against atheism opt to achieve something in the future. They share some brotherhood on issue of sharing together and the fact that there is someone who is above everything. In fact, both share some brotherhood in the essence on focusing on ultimate truth and justice among the human race.

Christians need to interact with the practicing disciples of other religion. The interaction will bring unity and peace among various religious grounds, and perhaps Christians should set a good example of brotherhood. One of the ways that John and Luke would answer is that dialogue between Christians and the disciples practicing other religion was the best. The disciple of Jesus addressed the crowd regardless of their religious backgrounds or believes(New International Version,Acts 13:1-16:1). All they focused was to convince them on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians and other religions have a common origin that should base their interaction on. For example, Christians, Muslims and Jews have a common origin.

The Christians and practicing disciples of other religions should interact on issues of ethics. John and Luke would have expressed the focus on doing well, and abandoning evil. Ethics is an avenue of interaction since it defines what is wrong and right in every society. Human beings have various needs and demands, therefore the Christian and those practicing disciples of other religious should interact in helping people in society(New International Version, Acts 1:1-2:47) Despite the religious differences John and Luke would assert that people should share and help each other. Just like the times of Peter, Luke and John the fellowship of believers was one of the interactions way that brought people together. In the Book of Acts, it is evident that people devoted themselves to the teaching in through the fellowship of believers. Froe example, the fellowship of believers sold all their property and possessions so as to help those who were in need regardless of their religious affiliation. Therefore, John and Luke would focus on Christians using fellowship of believers and sharing to interact with those practicing disciples of other religions.

In connection to the words of Jesus, there is various issues that Jesus told the disciples and all other people about entering the kingdom of God. Based on His statement it is evident that for one to inherit the kingdom of God he must be baptized and leaves his old way of life and follow Christ (New International Version, John 3:3). Those who targets to go to heaven and see Christ must receive Gods help in one way or another. Jesus and God are one in Whole. Jesus focuses on the importance of believing in God and Jesus Christ since both of them was the same (New International Version, John 6:65). Moreover, for one to see God he must first follow the teaching of Jesus Christ absolutely since he is the only way to God. Jesus in His statement focuses on ho crucial it was to believe in Him and His teachings (New International Version, John 14:6).

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