Role of US Government to One’s Goals and Dreams

Role of US Government to One’s Goals and Dreams

A government can be defined to be a body that has got authority to make and enforce law within a civil, religious, corporate, and academic or any other organized group. In its broadest sense, it looks at issues that go in accordance administration as governing means to supervise or administer whether a given state, sets of group of people meets their needs. In addition, the government according to the Oxford online dictionary is defined to be the organization that is the governing authority of a politicalunit. Many people not only in America but also other parts of the world do not understand that role of the government and how its action imparts on the social way of its citizens. In my opinion, I believe that the government at large plays a big role in meeting one’s social demands (attainment of the people’s wishes in life). In this paper I will provide an analysis of how the government actions (responsibilities) affect the citizen’s way of life.

To begin with, it is important to note some of the role that the government of US does to it citizens; it does ensure there is peace/security, freedom, affordable health care and equality to its citizens. When these issues are met, a sustainable platform is created upon which one can easily excel and be productive. This implies that one is given a conductive environment upon which he/she can initiate and fulfill his/her personal goals and dreams in life. It is well known that each and every person does have a dream to prosper in life, but without peace/security, education, affordable health care, and equality, one cannot achieve his goals and desire.

In my opinion, I believe that the government makes it easy not only for me but also to other Americans too. As much as the government may have not met it roles fully, but it still stands that it has a positive implication towards one’s achieving his/her goals and desires; for instance, when it comes to cases of security, the government do address the crimes issues, if this could not be the case then the crime rate could have been so high. This could make the America a bad place to live. To stress on the same, the government has tried to address gun control as a way to reduce crime in America; as this is evident from the president Obama’s speak about gun control.

In conclusion, the government of America plays a vital role in it citizen’s ability to attain their desires and goals. It does create a concussive environment or platform upon which one can easily have opportunity to attempt to achieve his/her desired goals and dreams. When the government fails to meet its obligations, it becomes cumbersome for people to achieve their dreams and goals since security, affordable health care, equality, and education are essential elements to one’s development ability.

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