Sex Differences in College Student Adherence to NIAAA1 Drinking Guidelines

Sex Differences in College Student Adherence to NIAAA1 Drinking Guidelines

The study

The study conducted is based on different alcohol consumption patterns between men and women who are in college. According to the study, women are more likely to exceed the weekly set limit of alcohol consumption, which puts them at the risk of diseases such as breast and liver cancer. The report is based on simple statistics that were obtained from a single university, which could give a wrong picture of what is happening in the country. Additionally, the study does not give correlation information about the subject of study. The information obtained cannot be used to make conclusive decisions about the drinking habits of men and women in college level. In addition, the study is rather confined to college level hence; the information is not authoritative in the real world. This is to say that the data obtained is so limited to be used as conclusive evidence about the drinking behavior patterns of men and women.

However, the study offers reasons as to why excess drinking is more harmful to women than men. This gives the study the credibility that is required. The study has based its ideas on The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The NAAA is accredited organization that deals with issues of drug abuse and alcoholism making the study presented valid, since most of the supporting information is obtained from NAAA.

The report

The report seems to provide information that is obtained from the NAAA in giving the consequences of alcoholism in both men and women. The fact that data was collected at Harvard Medical School makes the report convincing and reliable. However, it has a limited scope, which should not be used for conclusive reports and action regarding the issue of women drinking more than men. Unless the research is applied to a small area it is not convincing enough to allow for generalizations in most parts of the world where women literary stay out of alcohol while men go on drinking sprees. The data and information given has also been supported by the Centre for Disease Control enhancing the credibility and the need to educate both men and women on the weekly drinking limit to reduce the high death rates related to alcohol.

The information on the effects of alcohol has a lot of credibility because it is not based on misconceptions but the scope of the study compromises the study for the purposes of getting reliable and informed data that can be used for generalization and making conclusive decisions regarding the matter. Another major challenge presented by the study is lack of more emphasize on the data than the effects of excessive weekly drinking. Hence, in terms of the information about alcohol abuse and its effects the study is very helpful to the society in order to manage the high drinking rates that are said to be increasing especially among women in the society. But in terms of data and inclusiveness of the study it would not be correct to say that the data collected is enough to require major decisions.

Overall assessment

According to the research conducted and data obtained it can be said that the study is credible but more data needs to be collected to widen the scope of study. Since, research is based on generalization depending on the data collected it is important for the data to be obtained from a wider area in order to provide a good overview of the target population because the case observed in the immediate area may not be a clear representation of what happens in other places. Although the information given by NAAA and Centre for Disease Control cannot be disputed the information can only be applied when the scope of the study is leveled to include other areas in the research process for the right picture to be obtained. It would be correct to argue that, more data needs to be collected to ensure that the research is able to cover a wide area and be inclusive in a manner that will allow the study to be able to make a good conclusion.

Therefore, the data provided should not be adopted in the research because it is limited making it unreliable in working out solutions and decisions concerning the issue of weekly alcohol limit for men and women. To establish the idea that women exceed the weekly alcohol set limit in comparison to men cannot be used to create reliable information that can be used in various areas and countries. From the research it is true that more young people would take a lot of alcohol when they just join campus because of the excitement of being away from parent’s control. Nevertheless, this is not to say that this continues throughout their time in campus. Hence, the data presented is needs to be reconsidered before the researchers can make any conclusions about the alcohol drinking limit of women and men. In addition, a research on the rates of liver and breast cancer diseases among women and men should be considered to create a basis for the presented argument that exceeding the weekly alcohol limit causes breast and liver cancer among women.

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