Should Undocumented Students Be Granted Amnesty?

Should Undocumented Students Be Granted Amnesty?

Should Undocumented Students Be Granted Amnesty And Be Allowed To Pay In-State Tuition When Enrolling In College?

Undocumented students are students in the United States of America who are non-citizens or are illegally in the state. The Federal laws of the United States of America declare that all the undocumented students should pay tuition fees. The tuition fee is higher than the amount the in- state students pay. Statistics indicate that numerous undocumented students fail to achieve their dreams and further their studies beyond the collage level. This is because most of the undocumented students cannot afford to pay for their collage education. This study will focus to answer whether or not to grant amnesty to undocumented students and allow them to pay in-state tuition when enrolling for collage. It will also compare the arguments for and against the AB 540 Law and the DREAM Act.

August 1, 2001 was a historic moment in the American history in terms of the Education of the undocumented students. This is because of the introduction of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien minors abbreviated as DREAM Act to the House of Commons. This Act was to reflect and offer relevant conditions should the Federal government grants the undocumented students the liberty to pay- instate tuition when signing up for collage education. According to this Act, the aliens would receive temporary residency with the completion of numerous other activities and follow the stipulated conditions.

Some of the conditions states that Undocumented student must portray upright moral character and must have graduated from the High school. The students must have completed a four-year education system at an institute of higher learning or two years in the American Military. The temporary residency granted to the undocumented students lasted only for six years. If the students attained a degree within the six-year period from a recognized institute of higher learning or, if the students have concluded a minimum of two years in a programme that offers a Bachelors degree or in good standing, then they would receive permanent residency. Individuals will also receive permanent residency after serving the US military for two years and receive a respectable discharge.

Federal laws in America are extremely strict on matters that deal with undocumented individuals. The American Military Forces also has an enlistment contract that requires individuals to be committed in to the military for eight years and actively participate in the state duties between four to six years. These conditions are too much to be handled by a student. These commitments are positive because they instil discipline among the aliens and restrict the enlistment of illegal immigrants. The bill emphasises on the termination of individual’s residency, and their return to the immigration status.

Another Act passed in the same year was the AB 540. This Act was significant because it allowed the undocumented students that were able to meet certain requirements enjoy the benefits of the Instate students in terms of tuition fees in the higher Educational institutes situated in California. Some of the requirements stated that individuals should not be valid holders of non-immigrant visa and must have attended 4 years of high school education in California. Undocumented students must be enrolled in a recognized Public institution of higher learning in California and must have a certificate that indicates the completion of high school. Finally, the undocumented student must file an affidavit or make arrangements of signing one. This is a requirement by individual Educational institutions that require the individuals to make application for residency. The commitments in this Act are easy to work with and they promote discipline among the undocumented students.

Both The Dream Act and the AB540 are vital for attainment of education of the Undocumented students. This is because they offer the students an opportunity to attain Education just like any other in-state students. Both Acts also promotes discipline among the undocumented students because they ensure that the students have upright moral character. Both Acts also seek to ensure that individuals attain the highest level of education in order to gain Permanent residency. The major difference between the two Acts is that DREAM Act promotes Active participation of individuals into the American Military but the AB 540 lacks such a requirement. While the DREAM Acts aims at students America as a state at large, the AB 540 concentrates on the state of California.

I believe that students should receive amnesty and allowed to pay in-state tuition when enrolling in collage. This is because every minor has a right to education, which is a fundamental human right. Failure to grant amnesty to the undocumented students is a clear indication of the denial of human rights. The introduction of the Acts also promotes equality among all the students and reduces the cases of discrimination. This in turn promotes unity among all individuals residing in America whether citizens or non- citizens. In summary, the undocumented students will be able to benefit from both Acts. This is because the alien students are able to get equal Educational opportunities just like all the other American citizens.

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