Social Effect Of Advertising On The Nigerian Students

Social Effect Of Advertising On The Nigerian Students


Advertising, like other promotional techniques, informs, persuades and reminds. It can change consumer’s beliefs, attitudes, images, and behavior. But for advertising to be effective on national level, enormous expenditures are required.Successful advertisements do not merely entertain, try to persuade the audience to buy, this is where the problem lies. People tend to have the notion that this persuasive quality of advertising has social effect on its audience, especially on students because they are still within the age of being influenced by the media. Hence, the essence of this study is to take a critical look into the social effects on Nigeria students having OS-POLY students as the population.


In a bid to research into the social effect of advertising on Nigerian students, the following research question would be asked.

To what extent has advertising impact positively on Nigerian students?

Does advertising distort reality in Nigerian students?

To what extent does the exposure of advertising causes anti-social behavior.

How has advertising by exposing Nigerian student to model product and services improved their life style?

To What extent can advertising influence on Nigerian student be controlled?


The purpose of this study is not only toward identifying the social effect of advertising on Nigerian students, but also to find possible solution to which the bad effect could be controlled.
It also examines how advertising can be used to change negative behavior in Nigerian students. For example, reducing materialism in students; intake of alcohol, indecent dressing/behavior, among others.
The can as well help both the advertisers and the agency to monitor and regulate their advertisement contents.


The importance of this work is that it will help researchers carry similar study. It will also add to the wealth of knowledge on the effect of advertising. This study will help to identify the social effect of advertising on Nigerian students. Finally it will provide the basis for state holders in planning advertising message

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