Social Construction of Race

Social Construction of Race

Race is a big issue in the modern world; it is a significant concept in the modern society because it forms a significant part of human interaction. This is why sociologists have been interested in studying race and ethnicity because it helps to understand how human interaction can be improved. There are many issues that have emerged in the past and even today as a result of race. Race and ethnicity are said to be socially constructed. A race is a term used to refer to a certain group of population, which is treated in a different manner in the society because of certain qualities or characteristics (Haney 163). Race has continued to appear as a significant issue because the society continue to treat some people as inferior, but others as superior based on biological and cultural characteristics. Because of the manner in which race has been constructed in the society, race is here to stay.

Sociological Theory

Racism is a reality in the modern society. Globally, multiple cases of racism have been documented. The World Football Association for instance has been very strict in regards to cases of racism. Nonetheless, practical cases of racism continue to be rampant from both the football fans and players. Prejudice, discrimination, and ethnicity are concepts that are linked to racism. These concepts can be used to explain the existence of racism today.

Social interaction theory argues that social factors affect race and ethnicity significantly (Haney 164). According to this model, social interaction is an effective tool that can be used to eliminate race and ethnicity hostility. The model further argue that ethnicity and race are social constructed. This theory explains that people are responsible for propelling ethnicity and racism. The society is held responsible because how people of different races interact determines whether racism reduces or increases. Of similar view is the functionalist theory, which claims that for people of different race and ethnicity to exist harmoniously, minority races and ethnic groups should strive and embrace their differences. The two models have a consensus that poor interaction is the root cause of race and ethnicity in today’s society.

Race is a social construction

Race has become a significant social problem. However, there have been many efforts to promote racial equality for social change. For instance, introduction of different courses and curriculums such anthropology, sociology, and ethic studies among other courses have helped to promote racial equality.

Race is socially constructed and even biology continues to support the idea that race is a reality. This is because languages spoken by different people continue to bring out differences between people of races. Language and patterns of communication have been used by people of different races to propagate racial discrimination (Haney 164). How issues are presented and addressed could possibly increase or reduce the level of race in a community.

Today, how people interact could also propel racism. The patterns of human interaction have been seen to revolve more around race. The way the society has been structured makes it hard for people of different races to interact, which further propagate race. If we carefully look at what is happening in the society, it is evidently clear that people of certain races are attending different schools and church as well. Most social institutions therefore, do not create a platform for people of different race to interact, which continues to widen the gap and betray the efforts of promoting racial equality.

In the US for example, the manner in which neighborhoods have been structured create a favorable environment to encourage racism. Blacks have their own neighborhood; the Latinos live in separate neighborhood, while whites live differently. This is further influenced by the idea that African Americans have their own restaurants and food joints, which is also common for the whites and other groups.

The media is also to blame for construction of race. The manner in which the media creates a public impression of different topics persuades the society to see the race and ethnicity in a complete different way. For example, different programs and films have themes and characters who promote race and ethnicity. Although the media has been used as a tool to promote racial inequality, it has greatly propagated race and ethnicity in recent times. African Americans play inferior and primitive roles (such as servants in films) while white play roles that are superior. News coverage is also biased since the whites receive positive coverage, but other groups are mostly covered for doing something negative (drugs and gangs).

The modern society should therefore, strive to progress and develop beyond the bondage of ethnicity and race. If the interaction is increased, social constructionist will weaken (Haney 171). People should appreciate that we live in one world. Difference in culture and language should not be used to propel race and ethnicity; rather, it should be used to encourage people to embrace one another. Such a spirit will promote shared responsibility and encourage people to co-exist. Our differences should not at all isolate us. If the community members fail to address this social problem, then, racism is here to stay.

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