Speech: Civic Discourse

Renovation of the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego

“Fellow community members, ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, it is with great pleasure that I want to urge you all to participate in renovation the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, which will be beneficial to the society and community at a large. Although majorities will argue that it is the responsibility of the government to carry out this exercise, it is also our duty to make efforts to bring back our sports facility that has been neglected for a while now.

As we all know, sports is good for our bodies and health. If we all agree to come out in large numbers and support this plan to rehabilitate the Qualcomm Stadium, we will have made a significant step towards changing our lives, that of our children, and most importantly, our future. The Qualcomm Stadium requires our attention because the seats are broken, the roof is leaking, people have been dumping wastes outside the gate, the painting on the walls is worn out, and pitch has potholes (Sandiego). I therefore, urge you as fellow community members to look at this issue of renovating the stadium as development plan. Take the matter as a personal responsibility because from this facility, the society could reap a many benefits.

Since the Qualcomm stadium was declared inadequate, community members have experienced and faced serious problems. Sadly, youths and active community members have lacked the necessary facility to keep them busy and this has resulting in increase in drug use among other vices. Fellow community members, our participation and engagement in renovation of the community sports facility will not be in vain.

Renovation of the Qualcomm stadium will allow the community members to have a modern recreation facility. Such a facility will not only be used for competition, but also as a way of promoting peace, keeping fit, and creating a social community. Therefore, the benefits of participating in this plan are many and the fruits will be harvested soon. I do strongly feel that renovating this Qualcomm Stadium will restore and bring a renewed hoped to the community members. This is because the war on drug abuse will receive a boost while community members will promote peace.

The reasons why community members should not participate in the renovation of the Qualcomm Stadium is that it is the responsibility of the government to make such changes. The government should make the necessary changes, repair, and maintenance of sports facility because it collects revenue from this facility. However, I still feel that we as community members should join hands and renovate the stadium together for our sake. With the little support, no matter how little it is, every community member should engage in this good course. “Every journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step, let us join hands and engage in the rehabilitation of our own facility, our pride; our future.

Part II, Audience and Rhetoric Analysis of the Speech

Audience analysis

The audiences for this civic discourse are community members. The civic discourse has been aimed at or rather prepared to present to them with reasons why they should engage or rather participate in renovation of the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. Sports is good for our bodies and for our health. Because of this, the community members are being urged to participate and support renovation of the Qualcomm Stadium so that social change can be seen. Thus, this discuss has been directed to the community members (tax payers) with the intention of reminding them of the benefits that they could enjoy by renovating the community sports facility. The age group for this discourse is adults, who are tax payers. As tax payers, they pay for renovation of the stadium.

Rhetoric Analysis


In this discourse, the benefits of renovating the Qualcomm Stadium have widely been discussed and all positive attributes presented. The discourse has clearly demonstrated knowledge of the topic by presenting some of the crucial benefits and facts. The discourse has been able to highlight some of the practical advantages, and more so, benefits that have can be acquired through renovating the facility. Some of the benefits include peace and fighting drug abuse. It lacks biasness and shows fair-mindedness because the reasons as to why community members should not participate in the project have also been mentioned. Community members have been informed that it is the responsibility of the government to make the renovations.


This discourse has been able to reach and appeal to the audience by presenting them with facts and benefits of participating in the renovation plan. The sad topic of how youths and other community members are using drugs because they do not have access to recreation facility is an emotional topic. The audiences have been urged to support and participate in the renovation plan for good course. I have avoided manipulating the audiences’ emotions by allowing audiences to have a preview of how they can participate in solving this social problem.


The discourseis based on logics. “Renovation of the Qualcomm Stadium will allow the community members to have a sound recreation facility.” This discourse clearly demonstrates how participation of community members in the project will bring transformations for better. I am therefore, supporting participation of community members in this project.

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