Statistical Analysis Of Road Accidents

Statistical Analysis Of Road Accidents


This project is in compliance with one of the task, I have to shoulder in order to be awarded the Higher National Diploma Certificate in statistics department from Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, during my final year in the Polytechnic 2004/2005 session emphasizing on Statistical Analysis of Road Accident in Enugu from 1993 to 2000.

Road accident has been of great social and economic concern. It has became a total topic for scientific investigation. The number of deaths on the road today, particularly on the major roads of rural-urban areas are what motivated me in writing this project.

This study is essentially based on the Statistical Analysis of Road Accidents recorded in Enugu rural-urban roads from 1993 to 2000 with the objectives to; identify the causes of road accidents in Enugu and compare the attendant fatalities/deaths, ascertain whether the causes of road accidents are unrelated with vehicles, establish the trend of road accident over the years, investigate, whether there is any seasoned pattern of occurrence of road accident and trend and/or investigate whether there is any seasonal pattern of the attendant deaths and trend, and recommend methods or ways of reducing road accidents to the Enugu State government, the institutions concerned with traffic management and enforcement of the laws within the geo-political entity and the road users, and the federation in general.

The project work is divided into five chapters. Chapter one gives the introduction, socio-economic effects of road accidents, aims and objectives, scope and limitation, significance of the study, sources of data and the problems of the data collection. Chapter two covers the literature review. Chapter three is concerned with the methodology. Chapter four deals with the data presentation and analysis. Finally, chapter five covers the findings, conclusion and recommendation on the way forward.

Title Page
Approval Page
Table Of Contents
List Of Tables
AbstractChapter One
1.0 Introduction

1.1 Socio-Economic Effects Of Road Accidents
1.2 Aims And Objectives
1.3 Scope And Limitation
1.4 Significance Of The Study
1.5 Sources Of Data Collection
1.6 Problems Of Data Collect

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review

Chapter Three
3.0 Methodology

3.1 Chi-Square Test Of Independence
3.2 Analysis Of Variance (Anova) Two-Way Analysis Of Variance
3.3 Method Of Least Square

Chapter Four
4.0 Data Presentation And Analysis

4.1 Analysis Of Data In Table 4
4.2 Analysis Of Data In Table 5
4.3 Investigation Of Seasonal Pattern Of Occurrence Of Road Accident & Trend
4.4 Analysis Of Data In Table 6
4.5 Investigation Of Seasonal Pattern Of Occurrence Of Deaths Of The Rta & Trend
4.6 Analysis Of Data In Table 7
4.7 Presentation Of The Rta In Enugu State On A Histogram

Chapter Five
5.0 Findings And Conclusion

5.1 Recommendation

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