Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

Heating and Cooling system on green building

Sustainable Architecture is a building that has a design, mindful, of the environment and the impact it might bring to the society after it is complete (Stang, Alanna & Christopher 4). This research proposal will analyze architecture buildings through an investigation that focuses on green building. There are numerous sustainable architecture in the society currently and this study will focus on a model known as the Passive House model, a concept that began in Europe and later spread to various countries not forgetting the United States of America. This study will be narrowed to this model in order to answer the research question effectively and accurately. Sustainable architecture is one of the most affordable ways of acquiring a house since it uses locally available affordable material, and it has numerous advantages over the other forms of building available(“Why Build Green?."n.p). This study will focus on heating and cooling systems in the passive house model

In addition, the use of both secondary and primary methods primary methods of collecting data are methods that require the researcher to collect information from the respondents directly through the use of questionnaires and observation. Secondary methods will focus on the use of already written data in relation to the topic of study. This research will be effective since it will enable the study to collect fundamental data and all the relevant information required for this study. The quality and accuracy of data will entirely depend on the methods of data collection (Research methods the basics n.p). This research will use questionnaires to gather information from various individuals who have interest in sustainable architecture building using random sampling in the city. This method will enable the research to obtain data from individuals who present the views of the whole city. In case the research follows the laid down methodology accurate data will be available to answer the research question.

According to Ritter et all sustainable architecture has assisted nations to encourage people to own homes since it is the most affordable way of owning a healthy home (n.p) Passive house model is the most affordable and economical way of building a house that has minimal expenses on energy (Birkeland 13). Numerous authors have argued that the best and most affordable means of heating and cooling in a house is exhibited in the passive house model (Capacity Building for Sustainable Development n.p). This study will seek to evaluate Sustainable Architecture as exhibited in the passive house model in the society currently.

The methods to collect data for this research include both primary and secondary methods. The study will use both qualitative and quantitative methods in analyzing the data collected in the research. Primary research method entails the use of questionnaires, which are quick to analyze (Research methods the basics n.p). Questioners will be able to equip this research with accurate and quality information. Secondary research methods to be used include the use of various, journals, books and educational websites.

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