The Pyramid

According to online oxford dictionary, a pyramid can be defined to be a polyhedron having a polygonal base and triangular sides with a common vertex, In relation to the same, one can describe the pyramid of Egypt to be a polyhedral feature that was built during the reign of king Djoser. The pyramids were constructed using a thousand pieces of stones, the largest pyramid in Egypt is was built with about 2,300,000 block of stones, each weighing two and half tones. The highest slap was the roof where the king made his chamber; pharaoh Snefuru was the first king who built a pyramid with smooth slopes using advanced techniques and arts. Later, his son succeeded him by building the baggiest pyramid of all (the great pyramid of Giza). Using his father ideas of building the pyramids, he advanced and learnt how to handle/use bigger blocks of stones, sealing the entrances, roofing the burial chambers and using huge slaps to cover the roof of the pyramid.

These techniques allowed the Egyptians to able to know how to hand both the huge and the small blocks of stones. In addition, the technique required more labor as building the pyramid do take time. The workers that were selected were supposed to sacrifice their time since building of the pyramid could take up to twenty years. Nevertheless, different tools and procedures was employed so that there could be ease in carrying the huge blocks that were heavy. The design for these tools kept on changing depending on their level of advancement but, it still stands fascinating how the constructors come about with these tool if they are compared to present tools of constructions.

According to Romer in his book “the pyramid” he describes the process of coming up with the biggest pyramid in the world to be “the Khufu’s great pyramid”. He went ahead and outlined that the stages that were involved in building of the pyramids. The first stage started in the quarry; this was the place where the stones and the limestone came from. The pyramid was to be constructed near a quarry so that the workers could not find it hard to transport the materials. In the quarry, the workers were divided into groups of fifteen to twenty member who were expected to work each and every day. Each group was assigned the same task in the quarry; they were to cut stone blocks that each weighed about two to three tones. Once the block was cut free, they used levers and ropes to move the block to the required site of the pyramid. However, It is also important to note that the team of were so co-operative to the extent that they could organize themselves and have some order when doing the masonry.

The blocks of stones were arranged in order and limestone was used to join the joint. The pyramid was constructed slowly in this manner until it could come to completion. Once the construction was over, it was to be followed by painting; they painted yellow cloud like shapes with orange circles to the right. Then it was followed by two strips that was below the cloud shape. The strip also contained a spectrum colors that looked like canvas. The king was then allowed to move in under some ceremony where they were to perform some of their rituals.

In the Egyptians times, pharaoh could live in the pyramid and once he was dead, he could be buried inside the pyramid. Alongside with his family (the wife and the children), this was to make sure that the pharaoh rest in peace with his family in the afterlife. Then the entire servants were to vacate the pyramid and its door could be closed and be panted from the outside indicating that the kings was dead (underneath in the pyramid). Thus, the new pharaoh could not stay in the old pyramid implying that they had to build a new pyramid for the new king. Presently, there are one hundred and thirty eight pyramids in Egypt.

People do believe that the shape of the pyramid come from the shape of the sunrays i.e. when the solar do set. This is because they are usually constructed to the west banks of rive Nile which was the side of the setting sun, as the local Egyptian could say it. Hence the same side was associated the dead pharaohs as it was termed “territory of the dead.” Apart from the king being buried in the pyramid, the pyramid signified people’s social classes; the lower step represented the slaves, followed by the farmers till the higher social class.

Despite having many theories to explain the meaning as to why the great pyramids were built, it remains obvious as discussed earlier in the essay that the pyramids were built so as to be used as a burial chambers for the various pharaohs and kings. But it has been found that the great pyramid did not have any burial remnants even though it structures/design resembles the rest pyramids. This still remains unanswered since there is no one to tell or explain. Therefore, there are many modern day scientist who try to explain some of the concepts of the past upon correlating on the pyramid’s dimensions and their respective location, they relate these to the earth, the seasons and the stars.

In conclusion, the pyramid of Egypt is believed to have been constructed by the Egyptians using huge stones that were mined in the quarry. The pyramid was to be constructed next to the quarry so as to ease the transportation of the materials. The Egyptians advanced their techniques making it easy for them to move the huge blocks of up the pyramid. It is believed that when the great pyramid was being built, the inventory for wheels had not be established. This implied that they had to use levers and ropes to move the block of stones. The pyramid was constructed slowly and it could take up to twenty years; the slaves were organized into groups which were to do work right from the quarry to the pyramid construction. Many people in the present still wonder how the Egyptians built the pyramid and they did not have modern equipment; the dimensions and location of the pyramid are found to be so accurate since each side resembled each the other. Although the precise age of the pyramids has note ever been debated, there is little evidence to prove when the pyramids were built. Hence the pyramid of Egypt marks a great important factor in the Egyptian culture.

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