Training And Development Of Human Resources As A Critical Factor In Banking Operations

Training And Development Of Human Resources As A Critical Factor In Banking Operations

This research work is aimed at finding the effect of training development in banking operation.
The purpose is to determine the relationship between the level of productivity and human resources, training and development, discovered the causes of high labour funnier in bank.
Also to determine whether the availability of training and development opportunities motivate staff of the banks, to enable them sick firmly to the service of the banks.
In conducting the research the researcher used oral interview, questionnaires and personal observations to collect the necessary data required.
A sample size of 53 (fifty-three) of First Bank Plc, were studied. The data collected were statistically analyzed by the use of percentage. On the application, it was discovered that training and development opportunities motivate workers and improves the level of job performance of the staff of the banks. Despite the fact that substantial number of banks employees have been trained, their perforce as still not encouraging.

Based on the above finding, the following recommendations were made. Banks should ensure that their training programme are will structured and planed equal opportunity for training and development should be given to every member of the staffs at all levels. Training programme should be supported with adequate job rotation and assignment. Training should be structured to cover many of the practical aspect of banking services. Trainers also should be equipped with materials and should ensure regular training for trainers to enable them update their knowledge.
The research are all so recommends that banks should keep this work and refers to it when ever a training and development programme is being designed. The idea of dumping research work in the archive with out and meaning full use of them is ill concerned.

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