Project Topics in Biochemistry

The biological science includes multiple fields specializing in various related species, subtopics, and processes. Before we proceed with project topics on biochemistry, let’s remind you of some basics. Practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?
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Biological chemistry is a science studying chemical (molecular) composition of living organisms and their internal chemical reactions that are the basics of life activity. Objects of scientific studies here are various living organisms: viruses, bacteria, plants, animals, and humans. The complex of biochemical transformations of organic compounds (biomolecules) inside living organisms is called metabolism. Although the above information sounds too technical and unclear, as long as you delve into the topics, you will feel excited about opening a whole new world that is always there.

Numerous pages with biochemistry project topics pdf files are available online already. However, PDF is not always comfortable, even despite the fact that the most modern gadgets including smartphones and tablets are capable of displaying such files. So, we went the old-school way and published several sets of themes for you directly on the page. Consider them as references to come up with your own concepts, or take them as they are and complete a task. In any case, professors will most probably like the studies you are about to complete.

Finding worthy project topics in biochemistry may be easier than you think. Let’s see some of them here below.

Biochemistry Project Topics for Undergraduates

Are you an undergraduate student? Then, you probably look for special themes. We’ve come up with a couple of simpler concepts. Some advanced project topics in biochemistry education that suit the undergraduate level are:

  • The Influence of Kaka Bitters on the Lipid Profile of Laboratory Rats Fed with High Fat-Diet
  • Chemical Composition of Raw and Cooked Walnut
  • Production and Chemical Quality Assessment of Aspirin
  • Elemental Analysis On Edible Leaves Pterocarpus Mildbreadii (Oha) Seed
  • Isolation and Identification of Microorganism in Stream Water of [Choose Location]

Medical Biochemistry Project Topics

This is a wide field of science. The interests of its specialists include everything from bacteria and viruses to humans. Students study clinical and general immunology, measurement technologies in biological chemistry, and even medical genetics. They learn to conduct molecular research, study microorganisms, viruses, single cells, and multicellular organisms.

Themes to consider here are:

  • Major Ions Variability in Serum and Tear as a Biomarker in Primary Glaucoma.
  • Characterization of Trypanosomes Isolated from Bovine and Canine Using Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Combating Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Diseases Using Anthocyanins, Catechins, and Capsaicins
  • Evaluation of Alpha-Amylase Inhibition by Different Medicinal Plants
  • Study on Pigmented Gallstones and Their Formation

MSc Project Topics in Biochemistry

To think over project topics in biochemistry for the MSc level, one needs to dig a bit deeper than in regular cases. Those pursuing a high educational degree should be able to demonstrate their qualification and sincere interest in the field. You will also need to review a lot of scientific articles and books on the field, so the issue may be unique, but not too unique. Here go some suitable examples:

  • Purification of Soybean Peroxidase
  • Using Tea Leaves to Enhance Plant Growth
  • Determining the Properties of Enzymes
  • Using Tea Leaves to Enhance Plant Growth
  • How Temperature Affects the Catalase Enzyme

These were only 15 themes to consider for subject papers. Use them as given to save time if your case is urgent, or come up with your own topic if you want to bring maximum originality into it. It’s your call.

Good luck with the project!