Biology and Microbiology Project Topics in Nigeria

Whether you are a genius in biology, a young academician, or avid chemist, the question of “what project topics in microbiology or biology to choose?” may arise. This article is written to solve this problem. However, before you pick certain biology education project topics, there are some rules and requirements you should fulfill in order to present great work. So, without further ado, let’s get started.
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Before Choosing Project Topics in Biology

For you to understand each of the statements, we are going to illustrate it with an example, so be ready for a lot of biology terms.

First of all, for a brilliant biology project, you need a strict plan. It may sound trivial, but it does work with any type of academic work, whether it is a biology essay, term paper or industrial microbiology project. You are not going into too many details but it does make sense to write down key areas that you are going to talk about in each paragraph. Let’s say one of the current project topics in biology is “The importance of the control of the movement in cells and organisms.” Your draft may look like this:

  1. Importance of control of movement
  2. Translocation in phloem
  3. Movement of tropomyosin in muscle contraction
  4. Movement of neurotransmitters in the synapse
  5. Transport of glucose Chloride ions in the respiratory tract

What we want to make a point up is that you need to relate the first sentence of the biology project to the reason why you picked that topic. Here is a simple example “In plants, in both the shoots and roots, movement plays a crucial role in their survival.” In such an easy way you connect the topic of the biology project with your paragraph. Next, you go straight to the point and may highlight that “in light conditions, where the light is coming from one direction, the hormone IAA is secreted into the shoots. This IAA stimulates cell division on the shaded part of the shoot and not the side where the sun is facing.”

When it comes to the middle, the thing that really hones the whole project is “if this did not occur” situation. So, you actually should explain what would happen if it was not for the movement of cells. Let’s say “the importance of these growth movements puts the plant in a better position to gain nutrients. In the roots, by moving either into the soil, it allows reaching parts and areas that have a higher concentration of minerals and ions such as phosphates and nitrates which are used to make proteins, DNA and RNA.  If this did not occur, then the chlorophyll in the chloroplast of the cells will not absorb enough light to excite electrons in the photosystem.”

The rest of the biology project topic follows the same pattern. So, you need to move from a molecular level out to the importance to the organism as a whole.

Mark Scheme for Project Topics in Microbiology

Formally, your post graduate project topics should show a coherent approach to the question. Moreover, it has to link between several different themes in biology (it is for a “B” mark; if you want to get an “A,” there should be links between 4 or 5 biology topics).

Here, your biggest enemy to success is relevance. If you start banging on about part of the topic that is not relevant, you won't like your mark. For instance, you can send to your professor a fabulous biology project on proteins in PDF. However, if the topic is “the importance of proteins in the body,” the student should not present a project about the role of proteins in the body. Forget about the biology project that is descriptive in nature. The main mistake is a very superficial work that glosses over the topic without any real detail.

And the last thing before we go to the biology project topics and microbiology project topics – all of your paragraphs should compose of the point, example, evidence, and link to the topic. Let us illustrate all of the things that were said above with the help of a common biology topic, such as “The importance of the specific shapes of molecules in an organism.”

Point of the biology project: “Red blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs to the respiring cells so aerobic respiration can occur. Red blood cells have a specific biconcave disc shape which maximizes the surface area of the cell so there is a shorter diffusion pathway for oxygen.”

Example in the topic: “Reb blood cells have no nucleus in it so that as much of the protein called hemoglobin can fit into it.  Hemoglobin is a polypeptide which also has a specific 3D tertiary structure which allows it to only bind to oxygen.”

Evidence and link in the biology project: “The changes in the shape of this structure determine hemoglobin affinity's to oxygen. At high partial pressure of oxygen, hemoglobin has a higher affinity to oxygen so it readily associates with oxygen. At the site of respiring tissues, the rate of respiration is high and more carbon dioxide will be produced. This will lower the pH level consequently causing a change in the tertiary structure of the hemoglobin. Thus, the changes in the specific shape of the hemoglobin allow it to load, transport and release oxygen in different conditions.”