Best Criminology and Security Studies Project Topics

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Best Criminology and Security Studies Project Topics to Get a Straight “A”

Being a student means that eventually, you will have to write a research paper on a particular subject. You will either be offered to choose project topics from the proposed list or come up with the ones that have not been studied well yet and will bring some scientific novelty and technological impact on your own. Sometimes, it can become a real challenge as it is not as easy as it sounds, especially when it comes to such subjects as criminology or security studies. If you feel that you are stuck and cannot come up with any project topics good enough to base a research paper on, today is your lucky day, as we will gladly share some criminology and security studies project topics.

When selecting one of the project topics for criminology and security studies, it is important to remember that it, first of all, has to be closely connected to the subject and secondly, be interesting and not well studied, so that your research can be useful to the society. Moreover, it has to be interesting for you, as it will make the writing process much easier and bring you some benefit.

Try to find out what interests you most of all in the field before deciding on project topics in criminology and security studies. It can be related to other subjects as well. For example, if you are keen on psychology, you may consider such variants, as:

  • Psychological Portrait of a Serial Killer
  • Analysis of the Concept of Crime Victims
  • Causes of Domestic Abuse Against Women and Possible Ways to Fight It


If you feel like you are closer to economics, you should definitely pay attention to such project topics on criminology and security studies as:

  • Forensic Audit and Accounting as Ways to Prevent Corporate Fraud
  • The Connection Between Terrorism and Economy
  • Fight Against Money Laundering in Developing Countries

The possible criminology project topics and materials connected to medicine and nursing may include:

  • The Negative Effects of Drug Abuse on Youths
  • Cybercrimes to Affect Healthcare Sector
  • Health Care Fraud and Ways to Fight it

There are many other subjects that can be connected with criminology to come up with the most capturing and current issues for analysis in your paper. The most important thing is to find out which sphere you are most interested in and choose what to write about to get the highest grade for your research paper. Good luck!