Project Topics and Material on Education in PDF

In today's world, education is a synonym for opportunities. It gives you a chance to get a better job, higher salary, and enjoy your life to the fullest. So, whichever project topic you choose, there always will be something interesting to present.
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Some Ideas on What Information to Add to Your Project Topic

1. Statistics

Combine dry information with some statistics and infographics. It always works. For example, “Did you know that among OECD countries, 84% of 15 and 19 years old are enrolled in teaching, but the majority of them will drop the university?” In fact, only 41% of 22 to 32-year-olds have a tertiary study. Even though schooling gets more and more expensive, researchers show us that investing in learning is a great choice and the best investment for college students.”

2. Talk About Its Benefits

First of all, state that education opens doors. When it comes to job, it provides us with a wide range of possibilities. On average, among OECD countries, 56% of people who have completed the upper secondary study are employed. And the share increases to 82% for those who have a Bachelor’s degree, 87% for those with a Master’s degree, and 91% for people with a Doctoral degree.

Secondly, the financial return over a lifetime for tertiary-educated people is around twice as large as for those with an upper secondary study. Not only does learning pay off for individuals but society also benefits from having a large proportion of educated people through greater tax revenues and social contributions.

Though the public costs for a person to attain tertiary study can be really high for governments, the public return on investment for a man with a tertiary study will be about three times as large by the time he retires. The benefits are reaching beyond just their financial aspect. For example, only 65% of adults with below upper secondary reported that they are in good health compared to 88% of educated adults.

3.  Global Scale

Schooling is also a source of national prosperity. A country’s GDP is directly related to the average amount of schooling its children receive. In short, it helps people change their lives by breaking the cycle of poverty.