Projects on Estate Management: Choosing Topics

Real estate management is a popular major subject to study at college or university. The job of a manager is considered promising for the coming years, as the real estate industry is expanding. In such conditions of the immovable development, real estate management projects become a frequent assignment for students. That’s where the problem begins – students are in a dead-end with choosing project topics for management. Don’t worry; we are here to help you!
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Estate Management Project Topics

Land and buildings management as a special type of business activity may indicate:

  • decision-making and execution of documents on property rights;
  • management of a particular type of object in the process of its operation to meet personal needs or commercial use;
  • any single purposeful organizing influence on real estate to achieve the goals;
  • the process of implementing management functions to achieve certain social or economic results;
  • system of legislative and executive regulation and control of the behavior of all participants in real estate relations, conducted by state-authorized bodies in order to stabilize and effectively develop the economy in a changing environment.

This information is your start point because you can choose one type of activity and think about an issue you can research.

List of Project Topics for Estate Management

Let’s analyze some topic examples and think over possible project research. 

  1. Hierarchy in Real Estate Project Topics

    This is one of the simplest topics, but it is not an often discussed issue; so you can benefit from this opportunity. In this project, we suggest that you define and compare different positions in this industry. For example, a real estate manager is the person who, by agreement with the owner and in his interests in a certain period of time on his own behalf, performs any legal and factual actions with this property; a broker is an individual who works directly with clients and enters into contracts with them on behalf of a legal entity; an agent is an individual who works directly with clients and carries out all the preparatory work for the conclusion by the broker of contracts with clients for the implementation of civil law agreements with real estate. These are the definitions of jobs, the next step is comparison. Since a project is a creative task, you can add some uniqueness to your work, such as making a diagram with things that each of these persons can perform.

    You can also check the following topics concerning hierarchy:

    • combining two jobs: is it possible to be a broker and an agent at the same time;
    • the job descriptions for jobs in real estate, etc.
  2. Project Topics for Estate Management on Ecology

    Ecology and climate change is one of the most discussed global problems. The real property industry is in power to contribute to the fight against global warming, so you can consider it for your estate management project topics PDF. Let’s take the topic of pollution that construction causes for our environment as an example.

    In the process of construction and installation works, significant sources of air pollution are exhaust gases of vehicles and other construction equipment with internal combustion engines; spraying of cement, limestone, paint aerosols, and incineration of waste and residues of construction materials. You can compare the effects of each of these polluters and graph schemes.

    Other options for ecology in realty project topics are:

    • energy efficient-buildings and their price;
    • sustainable construction materials as a factor of the real estate cost;
    • new building or old construction: which is more eco-friendly and on-demand, etc;
  3. Analytics in Estate Management Project Topics

    There is also a block of topics connected to analytics. It presents a wide range of possibilities because you can choose any issue and make an analysis. For example, you can analyze the price of real property in different countries. Compare prices in your country and another country (it will be more interesting if countries belong to different levels of development, for example, a developed country and a developing country). Pay attention to the conditions that shape the price: the cost of land, building materials, location. With this information, you will be able to create diagrams and schemes that make your project creative.

    Look through other examples of project topics on estate management and valuation in PDF:

    • marketing programs aimed at generating additional income;

    • the efficiency of commercial use of common areas;

    • identification of potential faults and threats, etc.

Real estate management is a sphere of life that is around us all the time, but we don’t notice it. We hope this material helps you with your project topics!