Topics for Geography Project: How to Choose?

Projects are always used to develop the creative approach of students, setting before them the number of creative tasks. Working on a project, students use interactive technologies and knowledge from various disciplines, develop creative and critical thinking.
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Choosing Project Topics

Students face their first challenge while choosing the geography project topics. Experience shows that the choice of project topics on geography is a very important and responsible stage in scientific activity. After all, the success of research largely depends on the carefully chosen topic. Let’s examine some possible topics.

  1. Project Topics in Geography

    To begin with, the issues concerning the region you study in are the perfect option. To be more specific, let’s look at the example of geography project topics in Nigeria. This country is rich in a number of minerals: natural gas, coal, and many others. Research the quantities of extraction of the minerals you include in your project and describe what you have found in the body of your project. Since the project is a creative assignment, add ingenuity to it! For instance, draw the molecular structure of the minerals, or you can create an infographic with the ways of usage of the minerals. Set your imagination free!

    Other topics you may use are:

    • agriculture of a country;
    • alternative energy sources used in a country;
    • quantities of water used every day by the population and industry in a country, etc.
  2. Project Topics in Geology

    It may happen that all fully geographical issues are not interesting for you – go with geology in that case! Geology provides a wide range of possible topics thanks to the various branches of this science: mineralogy, lithology, structural and microstructural geology, paleontology, marine geology, etc. We will take marine geology as an example.

    Marine geology is a science that studies the structure and history of the land hidden by the waters of the seas and oceans. Apart from the theoretical research, you can draw the structure of land or demonstrate the stages of land forming in some parts of the oceans.

    Take a look at other topics:

    • beach sands as archives of ancient storms;
    • impact of the mining industry on the lithosphere, etc.
  3. Project Topics on Medical Geography

    Medical geography is the combination of medicine and geography that studies the impact of landscape conditions and social factors on public health.

    Take one country you like and research its facilities for medical geography: maybe the seashore provides for the treatment of the phthisis, or the air in mountainous areas is beneficial for the asthma patients. One of the best ways to show your originality is to create a collage with the photos of each facility. There is a wide range of possible topics, just look for the information about recreational zones in a country.

  4. More ideas for you

    There are also some more solutions for your topics. Take a look at human geography project topics and project topics on geophysics.

    Human geography deals with the development of scientific principles of territorial organization of society. It involves a study of the ties between natural, social, economic, and environmental factors. Here is an idea for you: research the factors named in the previous sentences concerning your country and make your own prediction about the development of society. Create diagrams, schemes, and infographics to illustrate your findings. You may also take more specific topics, like the impact of humans on the forestry of a country, how the construction of roads influenced the wildlife in a region, or think about the ways to improve the economic situation by recycling.

    Geophysics focuses on the physical properties of the Earth and physical processes occurring in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere under the influence of the internal forces of the Earth and cosmic bodies. One of the branches of geophysics is solar physics. This can be used as the basics for your projects: analyze the effects of one of the solar flares on the Earth and people. You can make the chain of events, starting from the flare itself, showing how it arrives at Earth and how it influences people. Other options include the effects of an earthquake, how an underwater shock creates a tsunami etc.

    One of the important aspects is saving your projects (if you do this on the computer). Depending upon how you need to deliver the assignment, save it in different types of documents. To mail your research, use geography project topics PDF version to avoid unforeseen faults in the format of documents